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Weighed down by corporate bureaucracy and a traditional mindset, Singaporean companies are slow to adapt to changes in the digital media landscape. Unfortunately, not all companies have people in important positions who understand social media well.
It is important to bring this relationship cycle up because the way most Singaporean companies behave, they manage to nail stage 1 and 2 completely.
The biggest social media mistake companies make in Singapore is forgetting to be social. You may also like my previous article - 5 reasons why Singapore firms must incorporate blogger marketing in their campaigns. Click here to learn about advertising, content sponsorship, events & rountables, custom media solutions, whitepaper writing, sales leads or eDM opportunities with us. Bryan Choo is a web developer and digital marketing consultant specalizing in user acquisition, growth hacking and social media. Some locations have requirements for media companies above others, with one of them being Singapore.
The individual license requirement will, first and foremost, only apply to those who "have significant reach" and that report on Singapore's news on a regular basis, according to Asia One.

The first requirement is that media companies have an average publication of one article per week (or more) related to Singapore news in some fashion. For now, the companies that will need to get the new license are currently licensed automatically under the Broadcast Act, according to the Media Development Authority's website.
While the MDA's official announcement doesn't specify whether it has pegged any websites yet and, if so, which ones, Reuters is reporting that Yahoo News is one such online media outlet that meets all the requirements and will have to pursue a licensing early next month.
After all this while companies here still can't hold a candle to the American brands that consistently get incredible ROIs out of their social media campaigns. The companies that excel in social media happen to have the fortune of key decision makers who keep themselves abreast with the latest developments. Social media is not a one way street where your social media manager just sits there in reactive mode waiting to reply to comments on your page.
You often see big companies with miniscule twitter and instagram followings, effectively shutting out their brand awareness on these gigantic social network channels. But if you want a strong positive example of a Singapore company that handles their Social Media well you can look at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore facebook page.
Starting June 1, certain companies are going to have to seek out an individual license as set forth by the Media Development Authority, otherwise known as the MDA.

What results in Singapore is companies seeing social media as something they have to utilize just for the sake of keeping up and being current.
Which is a shame since social media if executed well can be one of the marketing channels with the highest ROIs . Such a requirement will only be applied to companies that meet both of two requirements, however. Likewise, they will also need to have a minimum of 50,000 visitors every month originating from Singapore, also represented over a two month period.
This follows HBO Asia's success with its first original drama series 'Serangoon Road', produced in collaboration with Singapore-based Infinite Studios, Australia's ABC TV and Great Western Entertainment.International broadcasters looking towards Asia for innovative stories with global appeal can also find original formats and content from Singapore.
It also regulates the media sector to safeguard the interests of consumers, and promotes a connected society.

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