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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that CMG cultivates talent, innovation, creativity and experiences that make us the most essential local media source in every market we serve.
The Digital Talent Program is designed for scholars to contribute to Cox Media Group through digital innovation on project based assignments where excellence manifests in the digital context.
This group was created to bring media professionals networking opportunities and job search help. Today we’re celebrating 17 social media celebs who started off as just lowly social screen junkies like us.
Part of PewDiePie’s fame comes from his endearing attitude towards his fans, often interacting with them on social media and lovingly referring to his subscribers as his “bros” in his videos.

You may be surprised to hear that there are Vine stars who have made quite the career out of their six second videos.
The Digital Account Executive is responsible for generating digital media revenues by developing new customers for CMG-Charlotte. However, Twitter can be a great place for true genius to shine, any some witty users were able to use Twitter to launch themselves into serious social media careers! Together the pair now run their own social media humor agency called McBeard Media, representing clients like Disney, Sony, and 20th Century Fox. Media includes television, broadcasting and cable, marketing, advertising, public relations, new media, web, social media, journalism and creative or graphic arts.

That’s one heck of a successful social media career, all launched from a simple parody Twitter account.

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