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The question is not in how many social media a company should be present, but in which of them. By selecting the most appropriate social media networks of your industry you avoid losing time and you decrease the probability of failure. Once you get familiar with the selected social media, you will notice that they provide useful tools to monitor your campaigns, set goals and conduct research.
Every update, tweet or post in social media, should be considered as an official corporate message. It is obvious; communication in social media is another way of socializing and interacting with other users.
Thus make sure you select the appropriate media based on the characteristics of your target audience.

This means that the person or the team behind the scenes of social media accounts should be trained to have a deep knowledge of the corporate philosophy. As an alternative, referring to other products, services, reviews, or even to competitors is absolutely healthy in the Social media era. Good manners should always be in high priority for both personal and business social media accounts.
For example you can use social media as a CRM tool, in order to directly support, answer or engage by making questions, start and participate on discussions or just monitor your brand reputation. Mentions, replies and guest posts are more than welcome in order to participate in the social media ecosystem. If you believe in your products and services and you are passionate about it, social media is a platform for you to convey your passions to existing and potential customers.

Use social media to keep yourself top-of-mind and arm them with the information they need to speak intelligently about your business. Social media is about developing a two-way conversation with existing customers, and introducing yourself to potential customers.

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