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Electronic repair & computer repair las vegas, henderson nv, Honest repairs and affordable prices are not the norm in las vegas. Sara Baldwin, founder of New Ravenna Mosaics, a This Built America company in Exmore, Virginia, says the best job training anyone can get is to work at McDonald's. Man how things changed Fast food was always served up by some pimple face Teenagers, that long gone now Goodbye Biden next election pushing to make fast food jobs compete with union jobs that will pay less now if the wages go sky-high! I guess the training at my local McDonalds needs repair as I often get the wrong order and recently had to wait for 15 min.
She said she did learn it from the McDonald's she worked for and actually from the manager of the one she worked for. He does cannonballs, soaking everyone around him with the stench of his arrogance and sense of entitlement.As reported last week by the Review-Journal's Sandra Chereb, McDonald has parlayed his position as the marginalized head of a diminished party outfit into a public-sector juice job.

Since July 20, McDonald has been employed as deputy state treasurer at an hourly wage of $45.59, according to state personnel records.
Including benefits, his annual total compensation tops $100,000 per year.McDonald was hired by Republican state Treasurer Dan Schwartz, his ally in the conservative wing of the party that keeps McDonald in charge of the state organization. McDonald, a former Las Vegas police officer and Las Vegas city councilman, doesn't have any kind of finance background — unless you count the loan provided by a charity he helped oversee to a business he had ties to.As reported by Review-Journal columnist John L.
In fact, I stopped eating at McDonalds years ago because they could NEVER get my order right. Smith, McDonald served on the board of the nonprofit Miracle Flights for Kids when it loaned $2.2 million to Med Lien Management in 2013.
Records from the bankruptcy filing of the company's principal say McDonald scored a $200,000 finder's fee for brokering the loan and was a 33 percent partner in the business, which subsequently defaulted on the loan and moved into Nevada Republican Party headquarters.

The allegations appear false and reflect more the assumptions of their authors rather than any factual basis."McDonald will handle "community outreach," as ambiguous a job description as can be written — and a responsibility carried out by many other local political figures who've been juiced into no-work, no-accountability government jobs over the years. Schwartz's relationship with McDonald and his blind eye to the former councilman's present and past make it reasonable for taxpayers to suspect that they'll be paying McDonald for party work on public time.The treasurer's office has been charged with managing Nevada's new Education Savings Accounts, the most important school choice reform the country has seen in years.

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