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The Collared SheepEntertaining and Informative content for the Office, Job, Workplace, and Cubicle. This entry was posted in WeightLoss and tagged experiment, Fooducate app, John Cisna, McDonald's, teacher by Hemi Weingarten. However, the contents of his choices via McDonald’s is a certain recipe for cancer, heart and vascular disease, among other risks.

Cisna could eat approximately 1780+250 calories of McDonald’s fare each day, just about 2000 calories. Cisna lost 37 pounds over the course of 90 days, while eating exclusively at McDonald’s! McDonald’s advertising, both in store and in the media, focuses on burgers, fries, and other unhealthy fare, which means the majority of people are not making a healthy choice.
Ultimately, he succeeded at advertising for McDonald’s and propogating the deception of the fast food industry.

We are no weaker willed than previous generations were, but we are nudged by McDonald’s and other fast food companies to make the bad choices much more often than the good ones. The point is that slamming McDonald’s as an evil corporation is less about food and more about mindless liberalism and pro-government bullcrap.

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