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After helping a variety of companies with their social media marketing campaigns in the past 2 years, I noticed that social media marketing narrows down to a few dominant techniques that work well and produce results. However, a big problem in the industry is that most people just think about Social Media Marketing as one big technique, and without understanding what they truly want, they pay consultants(mostly self-proclaimed experts who have never driven an ROI for companies) to help them do this social media marketing thing that everyone says is essential.
The result is unsurprisingly disappointing because every company, every budget, and every goal requires different social media marketing techniques. This is a serious pain in the industry because social media marketing is something that truly works and can be very powerful, but most people(companies and consultants alike) have a lot of misconceptions regarding the different strategies and how they should be used.
The problem with Social Media Brand Management is that it takes time, patience and persistence.
Companies who consistently pressure their Social Brand Building workers to self-promote, get traffic, and get sales will hurt themselves in the longrun and fail in social media marketing.
When you have a longterm vision of your brand and social influence on the internet, and you can dedicate at least one longterm person who understands what it takes to be popular online and engage with your target audience. Social Media Targeting is where you find individuals on social media platforms one by one and engage them about your services.
The problem with Social Media Targeting is that, if not done carefully, it could be be seen as spam.

Marketing Gamification is when you create your own viral content that usually indirectly promotes your brand or services. The difficult thing about Marketing Gamification is that it is usually a bigger-scaled campaign (hence more expensive), and the odds of it really turning viral are extremely low. With Marketing Gamification, if it truly becomes viral, you are able to reach millions of people. Social Bookmarking Sites are services where people share resources via a reference URL instead of the content itself. When you make a hit with social bookmarking sites, the traffic you can get is so high that it sometimes crashes your server (traffic from Digg that crashes your site is called the “Digg Effect”). In that way, if you are a company, you can ask your social media experts to do a Social Media Targeting Campaign, instead of just a vague Social Media Marketing Campaign. That’s why make sure your Social Media Targeting operator really understands how to provide what people are looking for, not overload them with irrelevant services.
You also need a dedicated person who understands social media etiquette in order to not become spammy. Very few “social media consultants” offer this service (most blogposts lie in the Social Brand Building realm), as it usually takes an organized professional firm to coordinate the entire thing.

There is a great requirement for more and more such insights and valuable tips as far as social media marketing strategies are concerned. If you hire a “social media expert” to run a blog and Twitter account for you, you will quickly lose faith in social media because they’re not going to get you 100K visitors in a month by just doing that.
Yes, the spamming industry makes a lot of money, but once you are identified as a spammer, it would completely destroy the long efforts you have put in for Social Media Brand Management and ruin your reputation. This also usually needs to be accompanied with the rest of the social media techniques to create the full effect. The biggest problem with Social Media Brand Management is that it takes too much time to build that trust with the online audience, ranging from months to years.
Getting through this is a huge pain, but once it is executed well, it is the most effective form of social media marketing for making something go viral (think Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week).

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