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Our recruiters specialize in staffing difference makers who have direct revenue impact on the organizations they work for.
Companies come to our Detroit recruiters because they understand the importance of staffing individuals who increase their ability to drive revenue. Marketing is a crucial component in an organization’s ability to differentiate itself from their competitors.
Superior sales and marketing divisions make companies more competitive, lucrative and foster strong growth. About KAS PlacementCompanies come to the recruiters at KAS Placement because they want to work with headhunters who provide significant ROI on each hire. For the past decade, our Pittsburgh sales and marketing staffing experts have been changing the way recruitment is done through cutting edge philosophies aimed at job seeker and employer success. We believe that when a firm implements the right marketing and sales recruiting strategies, that company can exceed revenue, creativity and innovation levels never thought possible.

As top Pittsburgh sales and marketing recruiters, our account management headhunters receive a multitude of search requests from organizations varying in size, industry and fiscal goals. Positive energy and momentum will be brought by our Pittsburgh sales recruiters due to impeccable, careful executive search methodologies are implemented.
The KAS marketing and sales recruitment team approaches staffing in a manner that expedites the recruiting process while still maintaining accuracy. Our Pittsburgh sales recruiters are highly trained and possess vast recruitment resources in order to quickly fulfill business development recruiting needs in dozens of industries. The majority of our Pittsburgh clients stay with our marketing and sales recruitment professionals for over 5 years as they enjoy prompt customer service, creative sales recruiting methods as well as benefit from the vast expertise our recruiting consultants bring to a sales or marketing search. Just as crucial, they appreciate working with intelligent Pittsburgh sales recruiters that deliver highly positive results again and again. Since 2005, the Detroit sales recruiters at KAS Placement have been leaders in recruiting sales, sales management and marketing personnel.

From Fortune 500 to small businesses, our recruiters have been widely recognized for our ability to provide more intelligent, efficient and passionate sales and marketing teams. For the past decade, our recruiters have been assisting companies in finding job seekers with in-depth expertise in a plethora of marketing verticals. Whether you are a job seeker or employer, our Detroit sales and sales management recruiters look forward to assisting you with your staffing needs.
Our Detroit sales recruiters actively seek out job seekers who can ask the right questions and who have the ability to leverage that information to gain trust and display expertise to a potential buyer.
Our recruiters look for those job seekers who have stayed at organizations for extended periods of time.

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