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But this year is quite special: two of the most important social networks are attacking the mighty YouTube together in its own battlefield. Read on and find out how Facebook and Twitter are developing their video marketing arsenal and learn how your online business can take advantage of this war! Coincidently, Mark Zuckerberg himself had spoken about the future of video marketing regarding his own social network. A few years ago, marketing videos were just branding tools for big companies, but nowadays many startups and small businesses are using them to promote their products and services on social media.
The microblogging site isn’t subtle at all and strikes hard when dealing with video marketing! Social networks are now sure on those predictions so they’re turning efforts towards video marketing strategies and creating new ways for startups and online companies to promote their marketing videos on their channels.
Explainer videos are the latest video marketing trend among online companies and all sorts of brands. Micro videos are not a direct competition on YouTube videos because their short nature makes them way different marketing tools, but they can certainly be a powerful hand in the video marketing war! Screencasts can be of great addition to your video marketing strategy though; they’re quite inexpensive and they’re a straightforward way to show how something really works.

If you’re developing a social media strategy or trying to find new ways to expand your brand online then YouTube is exactly what you need. Although it’s not everyone’s first choice of social platform, YouTube is an amazing channel for posting video content that maximises the full potential for viral campaigns. With over 6 million hours of video watched each month, and over 13.5 million unique Australian users (as of January 2015), YouTube holds so much potential for businesses wanting to reach out to new customers. With a little creativity, a video camera or smart phone, and a strategy, YouTube could be a powerhouse social platform for literally any company, in any industry. Partner and collaborate with YouTube channels and YouTube “celebrities” that have a large ‘subscriber’ (audience) base already. One of the best benefits of having a Google+ account is that Google prioritises Google+ pages in their search results, so if managed effectively then your Google+ and YouTube accounts can be a massive SEO benefit for your business. If you want help building a YouTube or Google+ presence, contact us at Social Media Monitors.
Brands can now upload their marketing videos directly on Twitter, without the need of hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo. Besides, most marketers claim that marketing videos are the online content with the best ROI and different kinds of video content are generated by big and small brands alike on a daily basis.

They’re great marketing tools to use to discuss a new online trend among marketers or a brand-new online service that deserves a professional conversation. Once you pick yours, you’ll need to plan wise social media and content marketing strategies in order to promote them.
Choose the best marketing video (or use all of them!) and boost your social media strategy right away. Similarly, if you have an existing Google+ account, then you will also already have a YouTube account. Our team includes Social Media experts that currently manage YouTube and Google+ for a range of clients. It’s one of the many marketing guides from Yum Yum Videos, hosted in their Explainer Video Academy, a valuable learning center for video marketing campaigns.

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