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KAS Placement is a top recruiting firm helping companies in the New Jersey find top sales, sales management, marketing and media talent as well as help job seekers locate and procure their next career step. A nominee to be one of Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies, the New Jersey headhunters at KAS have proven that our staffing experts possess the unparalleled ability to help both hiring companies and job seekers with their employment needs. Our New Jersey headhunters would rather be superb at 3 or 4 recruiting disciplines, than passable at 7. For this reason, our New Jersey headhunters stick to business development, sales management, marketing and media search services. Regardless, if it is in the sales recruiting, marketing or media headhunting realm, the headhunters at KAS Placement should be able to help.

Nobody can ever hit it 100%, but our headhunters come close with a mere 3.5% turnover rate after recruitment. To find out more as to how our headhunters work, as well as gather information regarding our approach to the recruitment process, kindly see the corresponding links. As mentioned in Forbes, NYTimes, Chicago Tribune and Dow Jones, our New Jersey recruiters serve not only our clients, but also exist to upgrade the careers of the sales and marketing job seekers whom our NJ recruiters work with.
Clients come to our New Jersey headhunters due to our knowledge and keen acumen when it comes to recruiting top business development professionals in nearly 100 different industries including software, hardware, food and beverage, finance, engineering, construction and more. When recruiting for marketing personnel in-house or using recruiting firms who are unfamiliar with the various marketing tactics, many companies fall victim to consistent turn-overs, low ROI and high frustration.

Whether you are an employer seeking to hire either a sales or marketing professional in the New Jersey area or are a job seeker considering a career move and would like to know more about how our New Jersey recruiters can help you, please see the below links.
KAS Placement goes on the philosophy that it is better to specialize in strictly sales and marketing and be a leader in our field rather than to over-diversify recruiting efforts risking accuracy, knowledge and cohesion.

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