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There is no question about whether you should use social media marketing to further your business brand.
As an experienced, industry-leading social media agency, BEM can help your business navigate the intricacies of social media to develop an informed approach best suited to meet your business objectives. Highly influential sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have opened an incredible new avenue for businesses to engage and interact with current customers and attract new ones. Just give us a yell through our contact page so Keith and his marketing team can help you design a winning campaign.
This is an enormous benefit that you receive from implementing social media marketing into your business strategy. Finally, you can seamlessly integrate social media marketing into your overall marketing and business strategy. Of course there are dozens of other important reasons why social media marketing is important for your business success. I hope these two posts have been insightful and will help you recognize the benefits and necessity of incorporating an effective social media marketing strategy into your business model. Picture From HubSpot Everyone in the world of digital marketing, social media, and startups know about Guy Kawasaki.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and 2016 will be another big year of expansion and maturation.
Consider the millions of users socializing for hours in these outlets, sharing opinions, favorites, and recommendations with friends, colleagues, and contacts across the globe who then share with their connections.
You could easily spend hundreds or thousands (or significantly more depending on your business) of dollars on any of these traditional marketing methods. Stay in the game or pull ahead of that competition with  affordable and effective marketing via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more!
With social media marketing, you can get incredibly detailed, immediate, and convenient statistical reports on nearly every aspect of your SMM campaigns. Every email marketing campaign and website should be fully integrated with its SMM if it isn't already.
Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for large and small businesses alike to get in front of a sea of consumers. Social media marketing can be that viable affordable alternative, or a significant component, of your marketing strategy. And everything radio and television is already integrated or being integrated with online media.

However, without the guidance and experience of a strategic social media marketing agency, your business could miss opportunities or even risk damage to your brands.
Not only will your social media platforms save you money in the short term, these platforms and SEO-boosting power remain in place to pay dividends months and even years with minimal maintenance.
Analyze this data and modify your social media posts and ads accordingly to achieve even greater results.
And because it's digital, you can usually modify your social media marketing platforms or strategy as needed . You could be spending a fortune on traditional advertising or marketing consultants when social media marketing could get the job done for a fraction of the price.

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