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The email shows the profiles of the ones who followed you, including dedicated buttons to follow them on Twitter.
I occasionally read a report today which analyzed the open rates for over 200 million emails, the range from open rate of 93% which is the best to a dismal 0.5%, but believe me, I see some even worse then that.
When marketers overcome all the difficulties to get email delivered in client’s inbox, you can do nothing but pray for them to click and open it.
Resource Nation reported that email open statistics drop when companies use commonly used phrases, especially in the subject line.

I think overly gimmicky subject lines can be a bit of a risk, and tricks like this are usually one-shot deals.
The truth is, I started thinking about the subject line and didn’t really even look at the email. If I was going to play my hand with a one-shot, gimmicky subject line, I’d want to be damn sure that the content of the email warranted getting extra eyes on it through iffy means.
Plus, your recipients may be reading your email message on a smart phone or other mobile device.

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