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Just as is the case with other marketing tactics and in an integrated marketing approach, a content marketing strategy (not to be confused with a content strategy) is essential to succeed if you want to approach content marketing the correct (i.e. Admittedly, sometimes content marketing is used in another context, for instance the pure publishing sense whereby the creation, distribution, management, reporting and interaction with the content are put in the center.
Some content marketing software platforms such as Cadence9, look at content marketing the publishing way and are essentially all about the idea of creating, managing and publishing across multiple platforms, including some other enterprise content marketing features. But when building a content marketing strategy (with a focus on organizational goals and the customer) or a strategy whereby relevant content plays the role it deserves, we need to work with the customer journey, mappings with touchpoints and buyer personas, etc.
That’s why a content strategy (more or less the strategy to execute the content marketing plan) is in a sense different for each buyer persona and it’s certainly different for each business. Today the industry focuses a lot on content formats that work or not from the format perspective and from the viewpoint of opinions, averages (what research mainly is about), etc.
Most companies are not wired to create the variety of content that can achieve top visibility on search engines.
Find out what key language and key topics are being discussed on the social web and you’ll have invaluable insight into content ideas that can provide value for both social media marketing and search engine optimization. If news and real-time results are most common, it may make more sense to focus on content promotion there versus images or video. Knowing what kind of content and what type of digital asset your customers will best respond to can improve effectivness at driving traffic from the search visibility you’ve achieved through SEO.
Having an understanding of current content and digital assets can also uncover content that is ripe for re-purposing. Understanding your search and social media keywords, buyer personas and the assets you have to work with will help identify what new content you’ll need to create.

Mapping keywords to the editorial plan is also a useful guide for the future creation and optimization of content.
That might be updating the corporate styleguide with SEO and keyword usage rules or it might mean making programming changes to the web site’s content management system to prompt content creators with keyword cues when adding text or other media.
Developing distribution channels for content will significantly improve reach and the likelihood of your content being passed on, shared and made socially popular. Search marketing professionals are well aware of the value from web and search analytics that measure search visibility performance as well as web site interactions and conversions. On the front end, social media monitoring tools can help you identify conversations and influentials that are meaningful to the topics and customers your marketing efforts are trying to reach.
A simple cycle would be one where you’ve identified new keyword topics beginning to buzz on the social web and taking that cue to create content. The average CEO of a major corp, for instance, is not that much of a social B2B buyer (yet) as the maybe younger or more digital-minded marketing manager influencing part of his buying decision. In most cases, search engine optimization efforts are focused on content and digital assets that are currently in place. Search marketers are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding of customer profiles and developing personas to represent who you’re trying to attract via search is an important step in a content strategy. It also offers multiple, potential entry points into the resource page via search, since the optimized digital assets can rank in search results on their own and link to the destination content on the corporate web site. Email newsletters, RSS, and TwitterFeed services are good examples of content distribution services that help promote content efficiently. Promote that content through your social networks and use social media monitoring to track the effects of your content contributions to the larger conversation on the topic.

Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. Such a strategy is typically built around the buyer journey or customer journey during which buyers consult several content sources. But to make it more visual and using the ‘traditional funnel’ instead of funnel it looks very much like the famous content grid by Eloqua, even if such grids are merely models. Hosting some digital assets on social media sharing sites such as those mentioned above (Flickr, YouTube, Slideshare, DocStoc) can introduce your optimized content to new audiences and attract both traffic and links. And there are different ways to express and map that famous journey in content marketing and beyond. The marketing ROI of less predictable content formats and strategies, in function of the customer journey and the buyer personas, can be amazingly high.
That’s why working with touchpoints and with an integrated marketing approach as we keep defending is so cool.
So you manage risk and make sure you have the fundamentals right in your content marketing strategy first.

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