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Small Business Specialty Marketing Ambassadors Consulting Group (MACG) is a professional marketing consulting firm with a singular dedication and commitment to providing small businesses with practical, flexible and budget-friendly marketing solutions. Access to Diverse Marketing Channels Direct Mail, Direct Response Television (DRTV) or DR Radio are all part of a specialized marketing industry that require a different kind of marketing knowledge and management experience. Knowledge & Experience MACG relies on marketing knowledge accumulated over many years and is following current marketing trends as well as prospects behavior.
Implementation & Execution Unlike many consulting firms, capable of delivering a good advice as well as referring you to other companies for executing their suggestions, MACG offers a large menu of services with a full capacity to implement and execute.
3rd Parties Fulfillment Houses, Call Centers, Order Takers, Production Companies, Media Buyers, Designers, Print Houses and Mail Order, Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Accounts are among the required 3rd parties involved in the implementations of some of the available marketing campaigns.
ONLINE MARKETINGGROBYO is an Online Marketing Firm based in San Jose, CA, specializing in small and medium sized businesses nationwide.
GROBYO provides a full range of online marketing services covering Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, Pay Per Click (Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, etc) Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Maintenance as well as Blog Content creation and Email Campaigns, on a Turnkey basis or on a specific individual project basis. If you have an Online Marketing project you would like to discuss in detail , call us or E-Mail us for a consultation. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGThis is becoming an important part of an Online marketing program especially for businesses in the B2C segment and provides business owners and marketers another avenue for attracting and engaging online customers.
This article provides useful resources related to consulting firms' three highest priority marketing activities -- thought leadership, planning and online content.
I recently came across a research report from 2010 on marketing consulting firms in the new decade by Source for Consulting. Jason Mlicki recently released an article on How to Evolve from Content Marketer to Thought Leader as well as a podcast with Jeff Durocher on Making Thought Leadership Work in Consulting Firms which do a good job delving into this subject.

I’m a firm believer that progressive planning is the only beneficial use of time within a consulting firms marketing team. How you present your thought leadership online today needs to be taken very seriously if you’re a consulting firm.
This is a quick read of the top 10 responses to this question in a survey conducted by Marketing News and published December 2013.
So we are not there for you only in the beginning but rather able to assist you along the way and follow through on our marketing ideas. We are online marketing experts with a broad customer base covering multiple industries, B2B, B2C and Non-Profits. One element of the report I found fascinating was the disconnect between where management thought their marketing teams were spending their marketing effort vs.
The one element not covered in those two posts was the value of upstream marketing and aligning it with thought leadership.
We developed the Content Marketing Wheel to help our consulting firm clients think about how to develop the right mix of short-form content to attract clients and deeper, interactive content to engage them. You should think through what you believe the conversion process looks like for clients in the earliest stages of their journey relative to those who are closer to hiring a firm for a proect. MACG knowledge base encompasses multiple industries and is specifically aimed to understand and assist small businesses with their most valuable marketing concerns. If you ask me, the most critical elements in this list where mid-tier consulting firms struggle most are thought leadership, planning, and online content.
Our professional marketing consultants come from small businesses environment and many have owned a successful small business that was either merged with a larger company or was developed and sold.

We can do this because our consultants group consists of experts from various industries who understand the marketing niche for many types of products and services.
Marketing plans need to be built, evaluated, adjusted, and re-evaluated consistently throughout a year. Each consulting expert’s input to MACG serves as an important building block of the tower of marketing knowledge where every new concept is thoroughly researched and tested prior to implementation. A great place to start crafting your expertise is with open communication between your marketing department and your team of consultants. Typically, larger businesses are already established as a brand in the market place and usually employ a substantial in-house marketing department. Work with your consultants to uncover your clients' true issues and how those align with your firm’s differentiators. A typical small business (privately owned with less than 100 employees) or for this example - a micro business, may not be able to employ an entire marketing department due to budget limitations or due to the unreasonable ratio of annual sales vs.
And then develop your strategy to best position your firm over the next 12 months both from an upstream marketing standpoint (reaching people more in the product development phases) as well as from a downstream marketing standpoint (consulting firm validation phase). Such important marketing work is often neglected or poorly executed and many times result in businesses spending portions of their marketing budgets on fruitless marketing activities or on campaigns that drive much less than their potential.

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