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As a sought after speaker and marketing consultant, Seth Greene is often asked about what strategies are really working in today's economy and in what seems to be an over crowed market place.
The company Seth founded, Market Domination, guarantees to double company sales in 12 months or give clients their money back. Seth Greene, America's Ultimate Marketing MagicianSeth Greene, Ultimate Marketing MagicianFinancial Advisor Marketing Magic: How To Make New Clients Appear Like Magic! Seth Greene is the founder of the fastest growing privately held marketing firm in the country. While there are just under 20 questions in Seth’s quiz, these are the first three questions that he asked that I thought were the most important because without the answers to these questions, you simply cannot have a successful marketing plan. If you want to learn more about or connect with Seth Greene, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

More about our featured guest Seth Greene,the ultimate marketing magician, has been featured in the Boston Globe, LA TImes, and CBS Money Watch. My mentor, Dan Kennedy would tell you that 50% of the success or failure of any marketing campaign comes down to, who your target market is.
Before the course I had a trifled, green, regular paper magic brochure that I made myself on Microsoft Word, and printed at Kinko’s for 10 cents apiece. And I would say, most businesses that we see that come to us for marketing help are doing it completely wrong. I read a magic trade journal, where I saw a full page ad for a marketing course for magicians.
So, a couple of questions, and then I want to get right into the practical podcast marketing magic that we can just kind of lay out for folks today.

Seth, this show is highly practical, because it is all about the relaunch, and how you did it. So lay it on me, Seth, and then just lead us back right into the podcast marketing magic, and some of the magic that you’re sharing with us. So that was in your 20s, Seth, that you figured that out and became this inspirational speaker who happened to do magic. I implemented what I learned in the marketing course, doubled my prices, became the most expensive magician in my area, changed my marketing, and became the busiest, most expensive magician in my area.

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