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While working in the world of social revolution, it is easy to get eager about a novel campaign when we are stirred by hope or annoyed by discrimination. Social media marketing allows a business to make a single message or whole campaign that influences social contact points where customers can like or share your message, and drive it more into the social network to get more customers. It sounds contradictory to create parameters, targets and objectives for what is, preferably, a conversation, but do not forget this is a marketing campaign. Businesses can make use of e-mail marketing to repeatedly share campaigns and messages to social media fans, followers and e-mail subscribers. Generally, the best way to start your social media campaign is with e-mail and as technology has developed, this medium has become the best launch pads. Make it simple for your followers or supporters to get the word out about the marketing campaign you are carrying out.
Since social media is significantly about relationships, constant response is needed to enhance them. Therefore, a strong combination of social media and email marketing allows marketers to communicate with consumers, fan followings and supporters on a completely new and more personal level.
Learning about top marketing campaigns can spark your creativity and help develop ideas for your own campaigns. Digital marketing platform Offerpop cited 50 social marketing campaigns ideas gathered from its clients. The Burger King Motel campaign was designed to motivate customers to “cheat” on the Whopper and try Burger King’s new Chicken Tendercrisp burger.
Discover, the credit card company, ran a summer seasonal photo contest with prizes every week for fans and followers who uploaded photos showing how they enjoyed the summer sun.

Red Robin, the fast food chain, offered Instagram followers a chance to win free burgers for a year if they posted pictures of their meals using the hashtag #MillionReasons. The campaign by ModCloth, an ecommerce retailer of women’s clothing, recognized fans for their brand devotion. Fandango, the movie ticketing app, asked fans to submit captions to scenes from the movie “A Good Day to Die Hard.” The content tapped into the social buzz surrounding the movie’s release and helped the brand grow its audience.
Bottom Line: Studying the most successful and innovative social media campaigns can help marketers develop their own campaigns.
William Comcowich now serves as CMO of CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring and measurement service, and editor of the CyberAlert Blog which covers PR, marketing and social media. Rose Communications marketing ideas magazines newsletters and ezines Marketing & PR Social Media campaign management Brochures and promotional material Speeches Exhibitions Engagement Monthly traffic reports Communications marketing editing magazines and newsletters website redevelopment. But, in the confusion of making change to happen, we can overlook the strategies and tools that truly help us in implementing our ideas for a better world.
Just how far it goes depends on the quality of your content and how well you accomplish your social campaign. And, understanding exactly what measures will help you in navigating the ship in the cloudburst of the campaign. Not to mention that social fan pages and blog embeds are two important mediums you should not ignore. By inserting your social media content into your e-mail marketing newsletters you can expand your visibility, use social media's viral effects and its capability to produce brand awareness and engagement instantaneously at the click of a mouse.
Entrants received more chances to win for referring friends, extending campaign reach and participation.

By promoting the campaign via email, Twitter, Instagram, and text messages, the plus-size fashion retailer added 1,600 Facebook fans and prompted 15,000 shares.
We like working with people and with words, creating campaigns and messages that will work for you. For instance, if your target is to create your e-mail list, assessing the rate of new customers and traffic to the sign-up forms will be more important than evaluating reach on social media. Various messages can run the entire range, but understanding the nature of your message help in determining which channels are most suitable for your business. Insert those samples in the e-mails you deliver, and also on the landing page of the website for your campaign. Consumers could check into the hotel through social media and share their experience using the hashtag #motelBK.
Twitter followers complied, retweeting the coupon and increasing the chances of the campaign going viral.
The campaign amplified brand reach and encouraged sharing by using hashtags and a clear call to action.

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