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On the other side if you find a wonderful website that deserves to be linked on our website because you think it can inspire other people than send us that link. The concept of responsive development lies on the principle of change of layout of a website according to the resolution of the screen that a user is using.
Responsive Web Design is the answer to the easy accessibility which is both efficient and profitable. At Online Department we design unforgettable experiences for all your digital products & services. A new website one page style with a horizontal scroll for Kakau Design, a chocolate molds manufacturer. Dedicated to visual identity, print and web, Epok Design’s team believes creativity is not the opposite of accuracy. Responsive web site of Secret Key Web Agency in Rome specialized in web design, seo, sem and social media marketing. Under The Weather is a single page interactive website that shows the impacts of climat change on human health.
My name is Massimo Kunstler, I am an independent multimedia designer, providing quality solutions for brand strategy, creative identity, interactive design.
A casting agency with a great photo and video database of actors, dancers, interesting and beautiful people, seniors and children.
A clear lesson from 2014 was digital marketing would set out to surpass traditional means of marketing.

The design of a creative agency’s website will be judged more acutely than those of other businesses for obvious reasons and it is therefore imperative that the design makes an impact within a few seconds and it user friendly. Fortunately, there are many unique and creative designs that are pushing the boundaries of responsive HTML5, CSS3 and jquery functionality and their creativity and technical skills are showcased in the examples below. Elegant Seagulls, a creative design agency located in Michigan, has used some brilliant CCS3 animations, large images, great typography and white space to produce their stunning website. Pixies Agency in France makes good use of parralax scrolling, typography an colour to create their website. Bad Assembly, a digital advertising agency based in LA, have used large imagery and a slick collapsable vertical side menu to make their website stand out.
Made by block is a a team of just two designers who have used just 3 colours throughout their whole site. TeamGeek are a South African team of digital creatives whose website has used great illustrations, intuitive navigation large typography. Envy labs, a web development team based in Florida, redesigned their website after many discussions and revisions. Although technically, Janne is a freelancer and not a design agency, her website has been added to this list as all the main elements of a design agency website are on it (plus I liked the dog). Let’s take a quick look at some amazing new trend web designs to keep in mind when designing your next web project. We create effective and elegant brand design solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to start-overs.

The type of impact required will vary between agencies but as a website is effectively a showcase of how good a creative agency is, it is imperative a significant amount of time and effort is devoted to making it is as good as possible. They have used a nice flat layout for their website, a simple gallery portfolio with circular thumbnails and a very minimal services pages. The website is just as single page site with some cool illustrations and animation effects which make it stand out from many others.
It is another site using a single long page design for the home page but the inner pages are also worth a look as they are done really well.
I currently spend most of my time creating websites, writing about web design and breaking headphones.
I quite like Edita’s Casting, it is very creating design they used and made it beautiful with help of responsive design. Although you would think creative agencies would all have their own unique styles and website layouts, there are increasing number of agencies using old worpdress themes or HTML templates that have been downloaded over a thousand times (you can see the best new wordpress themes for creative agencies here). Even if you browse a particular page of a website from your Smartphone, you will be able to easily check out all the important elements of the site on your screen.

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