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So “Shoe” is somber as he ponders the possibility that the gates to a plant honored for its environmental achievements might be padlocked so Florida can meet new federal pollution guidelines. Hensley’s apprehensions are shared by both plant newbies and veterans, who worry about losing good-paying jobs with excellent benefits in a community where such blessings are few and far between.
Putnam would lose 400 direct jobs, including about 300 full-time workers at the power station and another 100-plus at the Continental Building Products facility on the plant’s grounds.
The fate of the 1,300-MW Seminole Generating Station in Florida, built in the wake of the 1978 Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act, hangs in the balance. The best way for workers to have a voice, Production Manager Ed Gonzalez says, is to do good work.

Census Bureau statistics show that Putnam County, population 72,143, has a 26.4 percent poverty rate, the highest unemployment rate in the state, and per capita income of $18,377, about 70 percent of the Florida average. Factor in retail losses, and Jones estimates Putnam would lose 700 to 800 jobs and about $8 million in personal income. That’s helped to get some members engaged, but the poor scrub pines of north Florida don’t carry a lot of political wallop. But to its nearly 300 employees and the poorest county in Florida, the plant is about people, jobs, civic pride, and a way of life, with their fates woven together. Its draft rule would require Florida to cut emissions by 34 percent by 2020, rising to 38 percent by 2030, using 2012 levels as a baseline.

Already, it is struggling with dead-end accounts in its home base of Clay County, which has one of the highest foreclosure rates in Florida— one in every 287 housing units, according to RealtyTrac. Despite the blunder, he rose to production manager until the winters got to him and he relocated to Florida.

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