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The other day, I was invited to a discussion on why projects (in fact, most projects) do not succeed and we figured out that usually it is because of no conscious effort on project management.
Today’s post lists some popular and free project management tools that freelancers can use online to improve their productivity and project management skills.
If you are looking for a nice free online project management app, then you should check out Freedcamp. Freedcamp also gives you the ability to import Basecamp projects to Freedcamp by using the API key. Collabtive can be used for an unlimited number of projects, and your team can have any number of members. ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. Simple Open Source CRM & Project Management System The most complete and easy to use Invoice, Customer and Project management system available. Client Works is a simple, yet effective way for web designers and developers to manage their clients and offer them an easy way to stay current on the progress of their project as well as make payments using PayPal.
Messaging system allows general conversations, as well as conversations specific to a project, document, or invoice.
The most complete and easy to use open source Invoice, Customer and Project management system available for companies and freelancers. Freelance Manager is powerful, yet simple, project and client management software application.
The ClientEngage Project Platform is an online portal which gives you the tools to more closely interact with your clients when you are working together on projects.

Freelance Dashboard is the only project management application that you will need to manage your projects and clients. One of my colleagues highlighted that freelancers, especially those working in a team, often have to spend considerable amount of their project time in identifying, scheduling and prioritizing project tasks.
Most of these online project management tools will allow you to create your own project workspace, manage personal and group tasks, collaborate online with project team and get instant overview of project schedule and overall progress.
The simple, elegant, and intuitive interface means Solo is much easier to use than other free project management apps.
Once set up, you can do almost anything Basecamp can do including adding to-do’s, discussions, milestones, time-tracking, project messages, notifications, discussions, RSS feed, and more.
The tool can be used to set and track time as well as project milestones and also to manage files.
Trello uses a paradigm for managing projects known as kanban, a method that had originally been popularized by Toyota in the 1980s for supply chain management. AceProject offers a collection of features pulling from the best of professional project management applications, such as Microsoft Project, in a more simple to use task management system. Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists. There is no “company” behind this project, it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves. Clientele makes it easier to take a phased approach to projects by organizing documents by customizable project phases. Your clients will love it as they can login to the client protal and see the status of their projects and invoices what makes this application suitable for almost every freelancer.

This means you can work on unlimited projects, with unlimited file sharing, the same way you would work on Basecamp without signing up to monthly plans.
It has the essential features your business needs including outstanding client management and project organization. Like it’s name say, let you manage in an easy and simple way, all your projects and clients through a easy advanced user interface that suits to newer device like iPads, iPhone, Android and all new Browsers. Some of the benefits of ClientEngage are flawless project management, discussions, effortless task assignments and tracking and a secure upload and attachment sharing facility. This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place. Control your payments, share files and messages with your clients using a forum, check the status of your projects, make and publish your own portfolio through finished projects and more.
By using the ClientEngage Project Platform, you will be able to build closer relationships with your clients, whilst ensuring that you have an easily manageable platform on which to share notes, tasks and attachments that pertain to your project.
Most online project management tools are free to use and provide basic set of project management functionalities like task and schedule management, performance tracking and project reporting. You can keep website information (ftp details, renewal dates), project information (due dates, requirements), invoices, support requests (help!
In short: with the ClientEngage Project Platform you will be able to create superior customer value and satisfaction – it is the ideal PHP project management script.

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