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With that in mind I decided to raise my hand for the toughest of the tough management assignments. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter and receive a summary of the week on Property Management Insider every Saturday.
This led to me accepting the manager position a couple of years later after my manager left for Florida. I started interviewing with local management companies and was offered management positions with several companies. Office ManagersAdministrative services managers, sometimes called office managers or business office managers, earned an average of $88,660 per year as of 2012.
Specialized SecretariesAs of 2012, medical secretaries working in the Lubbock metropolitan area earned an average salary of $29,370, compared to a national average of $32,670 per year for medical secretaries. I moved back to Lubbock, Texas, and took a job as a leasing consultant at a property called The Beautiful Willow Hill.
And over the next ten years it yielded me the title of General Manager, Area Manager and ultimately Regional Manager over the entire 16 property portfolio in Portland, Oregon.

The expected pay for office workers, supervisors and managers varies by position and geographically, and also varies by area of specialty. Administrative services managers employed in Texas earned slightly above the national average in 2012, with a mean salary of $89,920 per year.
Legal secretaries working in Lubbock reported a comparable average of $29,060 per year, far lower than the reported national average of $44,380 per year. It was a crash course in survival as much as it was cutting my teeth on the property management business.
In general, administrative workers in Lubbock, Texas tend to get paid below the national average.
The average salary for general administrative assistants in the state of Texas was somewhat lower at $31,020 per year. However, first-line supervisors of office staff and secretaries working in the Lubbock metropolitan area earned significantly less in 2012, with an average annual salary of $44,550. As with other administrative positions, office and administrative managers working in the Lubbock area tend to make less than the national and Texas averages, with a reported average salary of $76,740 per year.

Executive administrative assistants working in the Lubbock area earned an average of $43,510, much less than the national average salary of $50,220 per year. A year later, that gave way to a Property Manager title and ultimately, in my mind, the opportunity of a lifetime. And from my first manager, Charmaine, to my current, you & Melissa, who have praised me and given me amazing opportunities. General administrative assistants working in the Lubbock metropolitan area earned below the national average and the average for Texas, with an average reported income of $31,020 per year.

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