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Allen had just landed a cashier job at the new Walmart Neighborhood Market in San Bernardino, Calif.
Most recently, Walmart investigators discovered that the retail machine had bribed officials all over Mexico to obtain the necessary permits to grow into the country's largest private-sector employer.
But for Allen, who hasn't had a steady job for three years, a Walmart job was -- finally -- a job. Walmart often holds job fairs when a new store is opening, but applicants can also always apply online.
That's what happened to Susie Potter, who started out as a cashier at Walmart as an after school gig, and seven years later was an assistant store manager. Taking a job at Walmart or Home Depot doesn't necessarily mean you'll always be earning an hourly wage. You might have heard that non-union workers at Walmarts around the country have been striking. Walmart then shut down the investigation, The New York Times found, and no one involved was disciplined. A 2009 study found, however, that if you add in all the mom-and-pop shops that Walmart kills in the process, the whole thing ends up as a wash.

In January 2008, 7,500 people applied for 350 to 400 available jobs at a new Walmart in DeKalb County, Ga., reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Walmart also give their employees 10% discount on everything in the store that is not on clearance or boxed grocery.
One of the workers' demands is to stop management retaliation against employees who speak up, and in at least one case, Walmart workers went back to work after their employer agreed to many of their demands. Walmart breaks these laws openly with full knowledge of the NLRB and nothing is done about it. The statistic, which was listed under the heading “Great job opportunities,” means as many as 525,000 full-time hourly employees earn less than $25,000 a year. I was fired for reporting a walmart managers ongoing abuse of employees including a handicapped girl who could be heard hysterically crying across the store, that other employees were afraid to report.
I was fired for reporting a walmart managers ogoing abuse of a hadicapped girl that could be heard hysterically crying across the store, and other employees, that other employees were afraid to report.
And one certainly won't find it at the biggest private employer in the US - Walmart, which just announced that a whopping 475,000 of its employees earn at least $25,000 a year. The company has 1.3 million hourly workers, which led OUR Walmart to claim at the press conference that 825,000 of them made less than $25,000 a year.

Walmart Executive Vice President Rosalind Brewer told CNNMoney last October that each new Walmart store hires, on average, 450 workers, and since the recession, 5,000 to 6,000 applicants have been vying for one of those jobs.
The NLRB told me what Walmart did to me is ILLEGAL, and we are taking them to court, then 2-days later called me to say that they spoke to the walmart lawyer and very suspiciously no longer want to pursue the case and dismissed it, I studied the laws and worked very hard to build up 4 folders full of absolute proof of every possible aspect about this case with eyewtness statements, documentation, and even a police statement proving that walmart intentionally lied to federal NLRB investigators in order to have the case dismissed and avoid chagres.
I lost my job, 10-years of my life invested in the company, and any chance of ever retiring in my lifetime, all because i reported the abuse of employees and particularly a handicapped girl by a walmart manager that everyone else was afraid to report.
Even after I was told by friends, and other co-workers the negatives on working at walmart I needed a job and so I took it when it was offered. I can prove to you that Walmart operates above the law with full knowledge of our government. I know that like only 10-15 percent of people who apply for walmart get hired and I am one of the lucky 10 percent.

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