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Average Forklift Machine Operator salaries for job postings in Orange County, NY are 8% higher than average Forklift Machine Operator salaries for job postings nationwide. Orange County shows a patchy pattern with some light to moderate job growth in some areas along the coast and the area around Orange and Stanton. The two counties of the Inland Empire, Riverside and San Bernardino, still show decline in terms of employment changes.
Kern County still remains in the position of shedding jobs in most regions except for the northeastern area of Bakersfield. The phony economic deception machine – JP Morgan Chase CEO earns $23 million in 2011 while 2.7 million foreclosures are filed in the US. Despite rising imports and ever increasing manufacturing efficiency the number of machinists in the Gulf Coast Region are expected to grow to more than 17,000 by the year 2022.
Many machinist jobs in the Gulf Coast Region are at companies that manufacture products supporting oil and gas exploration.

While average machinists earned $42,909 per year in 2012, many earn in excess $60,000 per year! A growing number of machinists earn two-year associates degrees at community or technical colleges.
Even the core areas of Southern California, namely Los Angeles and Orange counties, where we saw somewhat promising job growth last month now show growth only in small pockets in these two counties, as researchers of the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis (ISEA) at the University of Redlands, School of Business have found. Some industries have started adding jobs, and in the areas where they are located, we see job growth. Persons interested in becoming a machinist should be mechanically inclined, have good problem-solving abilities, be able to work independently, and be able to do highly accurate work.
The researchers point out that, given the data available to them, their projected values are only rough approximations of the true values, and that accuracy is higher for counties with larger populations. Machinists differ from general machine operators because they have extensive knowledge of a number of precision machine tools.

The two effects together form the basis for the job growth of a region such as the small pockets in the LA and Orange County. As technology improves, more and more machines are now controlled by computers which require an ever increasing skill level. Houston's position as world headquarters for oil and gas production translates to a shortage of qualified machinists. Except for Imperial County, all the other seven counties have posted significant job losses in the government sector.

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