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In the immortal words of Barbra Streisand, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. You put your profile on public for one day then you get notifications that your mum, your boyfriend’s old shagging partners, and someone you kissed when you were thirteen liked your photo from two years ago. There are way too many people that take to social media as a way of spreading false information or hate. Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone or laptop so you are likely to stay in contact with more people than you would without these devices e.g.

Rather than the old fashioned way of going into a building and handing your CV in, there are endless amounts of recruitment websites that list jobs that are easy to apply to online.
If you start a blog and get a lot of views or tweet something good that goes viral you have a good chance of getting noticed by many people. Where Facebook is most commonly used for closer relationships such as people you actually know in real life, Twitter and Tumblr are usually public and allow anyone to follow you and read your stuff.
For example, someone makes a fake profile and messages your little sister about your dead father and all of a sudden you wish social media didn’t exist.

There are sales, management, life coaching and any number of other jobs that demand constant interaction with others.

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