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With all the existing & emerging social media platforms out there, choosing the right ones for your business can be a daunting task.
If you didn’t consider your customers existing platforms, you would all be talking a different language and never connecting! EVENT PLANERS & Businesses that service weddings, this platform is GREAT for you to look into! You’ve now determined what platforms your target audience resides on, which platforms you will sign up for, what your goals are for each and how much time you will dedicate to individual social platforms. The overall objective of social media are to tie all the intangible efforts out there back to your brand.
The digital era’s most massive contribution to the modern world is undoubtedly the advent of social media in the wake of the IT revolution.
There is an extensive list of social media platforms that have emerged over the past decade or so. The most popular social networking website to date, it has amassed a global following that spans across all ages, socioeconomic classes, interests and cultures.

The pioneer in professional social media, LinkedIn is the largest online business community connecting professionals from around the world. A social media forum launched by Team Google, this site has 300+ million active users (month-based estimate) and is used for relationship marketing. Averaging 6 billion hours of videos watched on a monthly basis, with over a billion videos, hits via mobile phones every day, this is one of the most popular video-sharing forums that connect users all around the world. With the aim of providing constant entertainment, this micro-blogging platform is used for sharing pictures, videos, audio, quotes and text,  with more than 420 million users and another popular marketing platform. With over 3.5 million images uploaded daily by users, this image and video hosting social network provides massive online photo storage.
Reddit is not only social networking site, but used for entertainment purposes, where registered members share content and direct links. Determining how much time you have to dedicate to your social media marketing could eliminate some platforms immediately.
While some have lost their following, there are a few social media channels that have successfully managed to maintain their popularity ranking.

Over the years, it has expanded its portfolio from a medium for staying in touch with one’s loved ones is a corporate unit, where it is estimated that more than 1 million small or medium sized businesses advertise their businesses.
Today, it has more than 332 million users and each second adds two new members, all of which attracts marketers. Once you start discussing this or making a written list, you will see how it starts to grow. That doesn’t mean you need to focus your efforts there, but being able to be found on platforms of that size is important.

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