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By saving profiles to a clipboard, recruiters will easily be able to forward them onto colleagues and hiring managers for immediate feedback. LinkedIn Recruiter will automatically rerun selected searches daily and as new professionals join LinkedIn, HR professionals will be alerted to new candidates that fit their requirements. LinkedIn Recruiter enables HR professionals to reach out directly to prospective candidates by sending personalized messages via InMail. According to stats provided by LinkedIn, prospective candidates are 30 times more likely to open LinkedIn Inmail than other e-mail, as they believe Inmail to have originated from a trusted source. LinkedIn Recruiter enables HR professionals to organise searches and candidate profiles into easy-to-locate Project folders and build a talent network for future opportunities.
Geographical problems of the past cease to exist as recruiters are able to share their searches, saved profiles, notes, profile-viewing activity, and InMails with any one of their team members anywhere in the world. Although these advancements have improved and increased the value of the platform significantly, not all HR professionals find LinkedIn as easy as pie. If using LinkedIn as a greater recruitment platform is something you think would boost your effectiveness, save you time, money, and headaches, get in touch and get recruiting. An update stream feeds recruiters the latest news of people they are following and potential candidates.
Recruiter is a bit like a two-way mirror where companies and recruiters can see all of your profile information, without you knowing they’re checking you out. LinkedIn wants to make sure those well-paying recruiters and companies have the best possible experience so that they stick around, maybe even tell their HR buddies.
Recruiter already offers several unique features that are incredibly hard for companies to build or find elsewhere: a giant data set of more than 200 million users and growing, a way to engage passive employees, and the ability to build career branding around a company.
LinkedIn’s messaging service, InMail, gives recruiters the ability to contact anybody that piques their interest. LinkedIn has developed a killer resource of 225 million users, one you absolutely should take advantage of when it comes to your career. No matter your background, let's dissect some of the biggest etiquette dos and don'ts when logging into LinkedIn, the web's largest professional network. In addition to updating all the information on your LinkedIn profile, make sure you remain as open as possible about your professional past.
We've all had jobs that don't align with our ultimate career goals, times when we've chosen to go back to school or even months we needed a sabbatical. Image: LinkedInFurthermore, include the various titles you've achieved at one company, along with the period of time you held them and your responsibilities for each.

Whether you're using LinkedIn's free or premium models, the network's tools can be highly valuable. And yet it’s the real reason why you should actually care about sprucing up your LinkedIn profile and network. Talent Solutions drive just over half of LinkedIn’s revenue, $161 million in the last quarter. For example, recruiters can search for people with specific skill sets, flag them and add a dossier to their profile — all without that person knowing. To that end, LinkedIn recently unveiled a refreshed Recruiter home page more in line with its consumer-facing products. Nathanson says that Rapid7 now uses LinkedIn Recruiter for all of its recruiting purposes, and that the company’s recruiters spend anywhere from four to five hours on LinkedIn each day. If you care a whit about your career not only do you have to be on LinkedIn, you should have a detailed profile with your job history.
The ability to source passive candidates, people who are not actively looking for a job but might be the most qualified, is incredibly valuable to LinkedIn Recruiter users.
But even if they don’t decide to send an InMail, recruiters can still watch and receive updates on potential candidates. You’re putting your information on LinkedIn to be looked at, to help you get a job, if not now, at some point down the road. Hughes says that she wants LinkedIn to add more features to source internal candidates, receive and track employee referrals, and a more fully developed applicant tracking system. But you'll have to navigate LinkedIn's potentially tricky tools and settings while you're at it.
Or maybe you're a recruiter or a PR representative looking to network and pitch via LinkedIn. When you plan to look for a new job, one of the first things you should do is update your LinkedIn profile. This will prevent edits to your profile from appearing in LinkedIn's feed of updates, on your boss' homepage. According to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams, the most common mistake job seekers make on LinkedIn is not accounting for gaps in their employment histories. LinkedIn Premium members will be able to see when recruiters are viewing their profiles, then can click through and see what kind of talent acquisition agencies are targeting them. And it doesn't take long to peruse someone's LinkedIn profile for interests you might be able to tap.

Sometimes I get emails from recruiters who have actually studied my profile (my blog, my projects, my github, etc) and then I do take the time to reply and say "Hi Name! I understand that recruiters are under a lot of pressure to deliver and try to reach out to as many potential candidates as possible but my advice is: if you're going to do, do it properly.
Last time something like these happen was some clueless recruiters asking DHH for his Rails experience.
I have a collection of recruiters who ping me every 6 months or so, at which time I politely stall them off for another 6 months.
While any LinkedIn user can see jobs and the pages companies build for themselves, Recruiter is only visible to companies that pay to use LinkedIn as a candidate sourcing and hiring tool. The average cost per recruiter account is about $8,000, and it goes way up from there depending how many HR folks are hammering away on it.
He and his team have used LinkedIn to more than double the size of Rapid7 in the last year and a half.
Instead of sticking to the usual job board or paying an outside agency to find candidates, recruiters can use LinkedIn to find exactly who they want with the skills and experience they want. After unchecking that box, feel free to make updates, follow companies and apply to jobs via LinkedIn in peace. You never know what might strike a chord with a recruiter or an employer you haven't considered. Suffice to say, even with volume discounts, the companies who have thousands of recruiters are paying a hefty amount for LinkedIn’s tools. Taking advantage of LinkedIn features like Skills can also make you more searchable to recruiters. Diane Hughes, the head headhunter at financial services company Northern Trust, says that LinkedIn is the best place to efficiently find high-quality candidates. There’s even a new beta feature that allows a recruiter to see people within her company who can provide feedback on a potential candidate, all before the recruiter even gets in touch with that person.
Some percentage of recruiters don't continue to keep going with it, and so naturally drop off the list, which keeps it at a roughly constant size.I judge intro letter quality fairly harshly, so really about half the list is recruiters who were in-house at places where I interviewed and turned down a job in the past -- they're more likely to keep in touch because they've pre-qualified me, and recruiters have high turnover independent of their quality, so none of them are still with the original company.
So I think the best a recruiter can do is get the word out regarding the jobs they need to fill is to write the message, send the message, and hope for the best.

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