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The ability to work from home is an attractive proposition, especially when a company promises high income for little effort. Digital age work-at-home scams are now commonly reported by consumers who respond to offers found on the Web or receive offers after signing up on job-hunting sites. Austin-area resident Carolyn Reininger was excited when she was contacted after signing up online for work-at-home opportunities.
Reininger said she got a call from someone she said was touted as an expert who told her he could make anyone into a millionaire.
I’m like you no one like to be scammed, we all need to know the truth about how to truly find a business online that really works. If they were asking you to wire money as a condition of employment, they are not going to be a legitimate company, especially since Odesk already told you it was a scam. We are a group of tutors WITH PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE TUTORING,who were working on other website for past 9 years.
I am reluctant to sign up to work for work at home companies, but am looking for a job to supplement my income. DisclaimerViews expressed on this Blog are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BBB or the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
BBB has recently received several phone calls from concerned job seekers reporting they received unsolicited job offers in the mail that included a check and forms to fill out and return in order to begin working a high-paid “job” from home. Making extra money without leaving your house may sound attractive, but actually finding a legitimate job that lets you do that can be difficult. Some callers also reported receiving emails, responding to them, and later receiving a check in the mail after providing a home address. These companies often get resumes from real job sites to operate the scam with people known to be searching for employment.

Some of these scammers are also known by BBB of Acadiana to use the names of real companies operating locally and regionally to add credibility to the scam. To perpetuate the scam, the checks are often sent bearing the names of real companies and are drawn from national, recognizable banks such as Chase, Capital One or Wells Fargo Bank. I just got a text from Access Company LTD as well, it seems like a scam so I’m not gonna engage any longer. Note: This Position is Based in your Location, This is strictly an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice. I keep getting emails from them about a work at home job, I’m just wondering is this real or a scam.
I just received a check in the mail that is fake for **2,605.12 with an almost unreadable signature from Azadea Group. I was offered a job through MESM, accepted the job a day later they mailed me 2 checks, from a different person than contact, which I take 150.00 and 10% from each check and mail them reload it packs back to the people that contacted me. The majority of consumer complaints alleged companies required them to pay up front for work-at-home opportunities and were promised income that never materialized. I have 3 kids all school age and very active in sports so I would like to find something to supplement our income while I’m home during the day. I am just like everyone looking, for that right work from home job.I do have children that is school aged as well as myself enrolled in college, and trying to find something that is compatible to me and something that fits my needs.
Anytime you receive an unexpected check in the mail, verify that it is from a valid bank account. Job seekers should never provide their social security number or birth date until they have verified the position is legitimate. I was afraid it was a scam and honestly until I get the direct deposit I will continue to be afraid because I know how valuable the information they have received from me, my social security, my address, my back account, my date of birth and a copy of my passport can be to someone who is an identity thief.

A consumer recently forwarded to BBB a pay-upfront offer from Preston Lord Enterprises aka Maxwell Gates Enterprises, which was sued in 2011 by the New Jersey Attorney General.
I really do not want to be scammed on any furthermore by work at home scams between now and in the future.
I have spent years researching and locating legitimate work at home and home business opportunities and have discovered that many times it saves a great deal of time to create your own.
She is a certified mediator and has served on the Council of the CBBB Board of Directors, Bureau Operation Committee, as well as many other national committees over her 27 years with the BBB. After checking the BBB it had no compalaints but I read about people using real companies for this scam. The lawsuit was part of “Operation Empty Promises,” a nationwide crackdown against work-at-home scams. However, I have been successful in locating legitimate companies and valid directory listings. No professional and legitimate company would ever text a potential candidate when first contacting them.
Even after I addressed to the lady who goes by Elizabeth George from Sykes Enterprise, she kept trying to convince me but still couldn’t provide me with actual proof. However, now that an identity theft scheme is the more clear explanation for why they took so long to ask me for so much information and when I completed the work I did for them, they did not even seem interested, and I have not heard from them since.

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