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Average Legal Office Runner salaries for job postings in Birmingham, AL are 10% lower than average Legal Office Runner salaries for job postings nationwide. As he was sworn into office this week, Bentley appeared to change course, declaring that "everything is on the table" and that Alabama "is going to be raising revenue." But when Bentley has floated specific proposals -- such as removing state deductions for federal taxes or FICA paycheck payments -- he has been bitterly opposed by state lawmakers and hammered by Americans for Tax Reform for violating his no-tax pledge.
Alabama has a more basic problem: a regressive tax system that requires lower-income residents to pay a higher share of their income than wealthy families.

Alabama Judge and Debtors' PrisonCircuit Court judge Marvin Wiggins sends people who owe money to debtors' prison. Birmingham to Remove Confederate MonumentThe City of Birmingham plans to remove the confederate monument at Linn Park.
Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are the only three states in the country that celebrate Robert E.

A recent report by the Institution on Taxation and Economic Policy rates Alabama's state tax system as the 12th-most regressive in the country.

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