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With all our services under one roof, Mellady Direct provides a full range of direct marketing solutions.
As technology continues to affect how successful marketing is done, we can also incorporate a variety of digital elements into your direct marketing including email marketing, web display advertising, social media campaigns, and custom landing pages. There is a reason we are a leading direct marketing agency: We are committed to our clients’ success and we continue to see the positive results of well-executed, strategic direct mail marketing services. We have almost 30 years of experience and thousands of direct marketing campaigns under our belt. In our modern multimedia environment, most people naturally think of online tools when they think of their marketing strategy. Network Marketing Companies come in all different shapes and sizes and all of them fall under the Direct Sales umbrella.
The Direct Selling Assoication (DSA) is the national trade organization of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.

Starting in 2006 the Network Marketing companies in the united states started to see a decline in retail sales and reached it’s lowest point in years in 2008. In 2007 Network Marketing Companies saw their sales force drop for the first time in over a decade. When you look at the Revenue by Product Group for all Network Marketing companies it’s important to look at what is trending. My point is that a person can be successful in any of the legitimate network marketing companies out there if all they do is use the Old School methods. In 21 years Mike has worked with primarily 2 companies (He doesn't like to talk about the 3rd) where he was instrumental in creating systems that are simple and easy to duplicate. Mike has also worked as a consultant in the area of compensation, with an understanding that the distributors bottom line is always more important than the companies bottom line. Good network marketing companies can be a pathway to financial freedom but if a person is worried about losing their house due to the loss of a job or a huge decline in the stock market most people are prone to focus on the problem instead of the solution.

This is a natural reaction and many network marketing companies simply saw their distributors stop working. I also believe that people have become wiser during this difficult time and are more apt to recognize the legitimate network marketing companies when they see them. In other words, people are sick of being burned and are starting to join legitimate network marketing companies again.

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