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I’ll be honest — after graduating with a degree in news-editorial journalism, I didn’t exactly know how I was going to fit in at a digital marketing company. Accuracy is something that was drilled into my head throughout my schooling and it’s a valuable principle to live by at Launch as well. Accountability is another principle driving the journalism world that I’ve also applied to the digital marketing realm. However, I wanted to make the jump to a more progressive field and Launch was an excellent place for me to do so.

However, instead of having the responsibility of being accountable to readers, the employees at Launch have the duty of being accountable to their clients and customers.
Even though I thought everyone was speaking in tongues for the first few weeks I was here, I caught on and have begun to learn what the digital world is all about. Surprisingly, I’ve realized that a few of the journalism principles I learned at school still hold true at a digital marketing agency. This time, however, instead of creating blurbs about the latest spring trends, I was tailoring the descriptions to a specific Launch client and their needs.

Ultimately, I’ve learned that even though digital marketing is a newer field, there are still universal journalism practices that can be applied. Thus, journalists or anyone with a passion for words can incorporate their existing skills into the digital marketing world.

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