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As a result of all this, we have too many Americans without challenging jobs and with toxic resumes showing strings of jobs they worked in for less than 2 years. I have applied at many jobs only to get told that I have to have more of an open availability rather than the Mon- Fri 8a-6p that I had put down on my applications. The class I just finished, Comic Scripting, ended with the topic on how to approach publishers in as professional a manner as possible. In my area there are not many job opportunities given the high unemployment rates and also the fact there are mostly agriculture related jobs. While I searched for the real estate job I really wanted, I worked a succession of crappy jobs which lasted about three weeks each and made me feel like a loser (working as a busboy, garden center helper, time-share sales rep, etc).
I think many people can benefit from this article, as people are finding it harder and harder, not only to find jobs, but to obtain them.

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The kids came into the workforce just as the Internet and government policy enticed businesses to get work done cheaply overseas. Just about everything you need to know is here, but if you aren’t a natural, consider getting help from a coach also.
I have had to step down on a couple of previous jobs because of the dependability of a sitter which in turns makes me look bad. We cross our arms, avoid making eye contact or fidget when we’re internally conflicted or just bored. I just wish that people really understood how hard it is for a single parent of 5 to find a dependable sitter.

I have also applied at jobs that say they will train and then just get told that they are looking for some experience so how am I to get experience if they aren’t willing to help me get experience. Most recruiters will be wary of a candidate with 20+ years of experience or significantly greater level of responsibility in prior jobs. Have some classes ( MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel ) are good but they are looking for jobs that you have actually put them to use.

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