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Basics: The Business career may sound a bit generic, but in fact, it can be quite addictive to work your way up through the office based environment. Basics: This is a fun career for many players of The Sims, especially those with Sims bearing Traits such as Evil. Basics: As well as having an extensive skill-tree relating to Cooking, Sims who love food can adopt a career in this area.
TIP: Level 10 Culinary Sims receive the Master Chef Fridge, which provides superb ingredients and is pretty much the best piece of kit a kitchen can have. Basics: Like the culinary career path, Sims hoping to become journalists also frequently practice in their spare time and have honed their creative skills using a Computer. Sims in the Journalism career need to interview fellow Sims and write news reports on them – try to get the interviewee on side first with some flattery.
TIP: Sims in the Journalism career must write articles and reviews on their computer at home – outside of work hours!
Basics: The antithesis of the Criminal career, the Law Enforcement occupation is one for good-hearted and brave Sims, seeking to make a difference (a positive one) in Sunset Valley. You need the Logic skill as a given, but once the career splits in two you require either the Painting skill (for Forensics) or the Athletic skill (for Special Agent) in order to seriously progress.
TIP: Earlier on in the career you need to build a strong relationship with your partner on the beat.

Logic is key for Medical Sims, but equally important is keeping stress down despite the long hours.
Basics: While not as rigorous as life in the army outside of The Sims, working in the Military career line requires fitness and skill at mechanics. TIP: At the highest levels of the Military career random Sims will salute you around the town. Basics: One of many artistic careers in The Sims 3, the life of a professional musician involves working in a structured environment, as opposed to the busking and house-parties of a hobbyist. TIP: Symphonic-branch Sims get a new stereo for the house at Level 5, as well as free entry to the theatre at Level 3.
TIP: At certain points throughout the career you will be offered the chance to take a bribe or be corrupt. Basics: For Sims well versed or interested in developing the Athletics skill, a career in Professional Sports is the best bet. As well as concerts and sports matches, you can start a career in Professional Sports via the Llama Memorial Stadium. TIP: At Level 5 Sims start playing matches in their sport and must maintain a decent win-loss record to get future promotions. TIP: At Level 10 Sims can hold autograph and sponsorship sessions for some cash on the side.

Basics: Up there with the Medicine career for real intellectuals, the Science career is a more structured alternative.
Surprisingly, the Gardening, Handiness and Fishing skills (the latter two come later, however) are required to reach the top of the Science career.
It is a cut-throat career to follow, with plenty of sucking-up to bosses and hard work required to advance.
Sims can use the Practice Writing action while at work to level up the Writing skill as they go.
This is required for promotions, and requires interviewing Sims around Sunset Valley or attending certain events for reviews.
Convincing other Sims of your own ability to lead is integral in advancing through the political ranks.

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