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When is the UK release date for Steve Jobs movie biopic is the big question for British Apple fans. The Jobs movie, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, looks at the period of Apple history prior to the company’s dramatic return to success. It also includes scenes from Jobs’ hippy travels in India, and trawls through the exciting history of Apple Computer at the beginning of the personal computer era.
We assumed that the UK release date would be announced soon after the US cinema release, but we're still waiting for the Jobs movie to arrive on our screens.
As all Apple buffs know Jobs was forced out of the company he founded by John Sculley, the man he brought over to Apple from Pepsi to beef up Apple’s marketing. Aged just 30 the super charismatic Jobs quickly founded NeXT to sell workstation computers into the higher education market. Also while he was away from Apple Jobs acquired animation software company Pixar, which he went on to turn into such a movie success that it was bought by Disney, making Jobs himself Disney’s biggest shareholder. The Jobs movie doesn’t go further than the edge of that success, so focuses on the Apple story before most of the world got to know about the company. The actor says he watched "hundreds of hours of footage," listened to Jobs' past speeches and interviewed his friends to prepare for the role. A second Jobs movie written by West Wing and Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin is based on the authorized Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Following 2013's lacklustre (and inaccurate) Jobs film, there was a lot of hope that the new Steve Jobs movie would have a much better script thanks to the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, director Danny Boyle, and the cast. The new Steve Jobs hit a selection of cinemas in the US on 9 October 2015 before its role out countrywide on 23 October, while UK cinema goers will be able to catch the new Steve Jobs film from 13 November. We have had it confirmed that the new Steve Jobs movie writen by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle will be in UK cinemas from Friday 13 November. Hence we have Steve Jobs (portrayed by Michael Fassbender) washing his feet in a toilet minutes before going on stage to announce the Macintosh.
The reoccurrence of key characters throughout the plot, despite them not actually working at Apple also applies to a key character, Joanna Hoffman (played by Kate Winslet), who was at Jobs side before each of these keynotes.
Jobs ex-partner Chrisaan Brennan and his daughter Lisa had a key part in Sorkin’s story that they never had in the Walter Isaacson biography. Jobs wife, Laurene Powell, who tried to get the movie stopped, was instrumental in some of early complications with the movie that saw the movie makers approach three different stars before one would agree to take on the role of Jobs. There’s one other underlying theme to the movie, Jobs relationship with his biological parents and his adoptive parents. The new Steve Jobs film premiered back in early September at the 42nd Annual Telluride Film Festival in Colorado and reviewers seem to like the film. The movie may have been premiered, but Boyle apparently told Deadline that at the time he was still "tweaking little bits" in the film prior to release.

This may be because, despite the positive reviews from movie critics (who, lets face it, don’t know the true story of Apple and Steve Jobs), Apple fans are reading the reactions of those who have seen the movie and know just how inaccurate a representation it is (we can vouch for that). The movie grossed $7.3 million during its first weekend release throughout the whole of the US. Ive described Jobs as having a “very, very simple focus on trying to make something really beautiful. With the film hitting cinemas in the USA on 9 October, days after the anniversary of Jobs’ death, it seems particularly cruel to those who miss the man.
However, Woz worked alongside Aaron Sorkin, the writer, on several occasions, giving Sorkin various pieces of information and stories about working with Jobs.
Woz said he saw a rough cut of the movie and "felt like I was actually watching Steve Jobs and the others" rather than the actors playing them. In the scene, Wozniak is shown shouting at Jobs about the theft of his graphical interface. Jobs’ widow is said to have repeatedly tried to block production of the movie, according to the WSJ. Powell Jobs not only attemped to get the project killed, apparently she also begged Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio not to take on the role, according to The Guardian. Sculley also points out that a lot of creative license has been taken with the movie, telling the WSJ that the movie incorrectly depicts two subsequent encounters between Jobs and Sculley after Jobs left Apple, where there was in fact only one.
She describes one time when she visited Jobs at his marital home and he “blurted out the meanest, terrible comments at me, about why I was such a total failure of a human being. He describes Jobs as being able to wrangle other talented people to make devices and machines that were not only successful commercially, but that we have an emotional relationship with, but he says that this strategy couldn’t work with his own daughter.
Sorkin also admitted that Fassbender doesn’t look like Jobs, and that they did nothing to make him look like Jobs. At the San Francisco screening, Sorkin joked also about the improbability of all these significant events in Jobs’ life happening moments before announcing a new product.
Sony paid somewhere between $1 million and $3 million to gain the rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs with a view to making the movie (eventually made by Universal) and yet, the movie is only loosely based on that biography. It is Jobs’ relationship with his daughter, whom he initially denied, that is the major theme running through the movie. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs' widow, lobbied its producers and distributor to stop the movie. Universal Pictures have now released the second trailer for the movie, due out in the UK on 13 November. It starts with Steve Jobs dropping out of college and going on to found Apple Computer with super-geek Steve Wozniak, played by Josh Gad. We'll update you as soon as we hear word on the cinema release date, if there is one, and also as soon as we know when the movie is available on DVD.

However, reactions haven't been all that positive with complaints that Jobs is portrayed as a jerk and the story being fabricated.
However, we were lucky enough to see the movie at a screening in early October, and we have included our review of the Steve Jobs movie in this article. As if in the run up to a keynote presentation Jobs would be spending his time speaking to various people from his past.
Woz is there at the launch of the Mac in 1984, randomly he is there before Steve Jobs goes on stage to talk NeXT computers during the wilderness years, and even more randomly (since in real life he no longer is working at Apple at this time) Woz is there at the launch of the iMac in 1997. If you are aware of the actual story, she had left Apple long Jobs returned to launch the iMac. With a frantic and unstable Chrisaan appearing before the first two Jobs om-stage appearances, to beg him for money. How Jobs accepted Lisa as his own, and how Lisa actually ended up living with Jobs and his new family.
It’s presented as a justification for how Jobs treats his daughter and those around him. By contrast the Steve Jobs story left too much happening behind the scenes that you had to fill in yourself. According to producer Scott Rudin, Powell Jobs disliked the book and believed that if the movie was based on the book it could not be accurate. He also stated that the time he spent with the actual people was also invaluable, picking out Jobs’ daughter and John Sculley for their particularly useful input. He said: "Steve Jobs did not as far as I know have confrontations with the same six people 40 minutes before every product launch. Walter Isaacson was unable to speak to Jobs daughter while conducting his research for the biography.
Here is everything you need to know about the new Steve Jobs movie, from the release date and actors to behind-the-scenes gossip, plus our review.
I can’t help but think that in his desire to avoid the chronological retelling or Steve Jobs story, a traditional childhood to death epic, in favour of three acts (which would be better suited to a theatrical production) Aaron Sorkin constrained himself too much. The figure means that the Sorkin Steve Jobs movie grossed just $500,000 more than last years Jobs movie starting Aston Kutcher. The only way he could tell the story was to pull events from all corners of Jobs’ life and present them as if they had happened in the 30 minutes before a keynote presentation.

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