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IT Jobs: Hiring Strategies For Sweet Home, ChicagoChicago's not Silicon Valley or New York -- and many people like it that way. Write down a list of major US technology hubs and you would probably start with the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley and work your way down from there: New York's Silicon Alley, the DC metropolitan area's mass of federal agencies and contractors, Seattle, Austin, Boston, and so on. Attracting tech talent to Chicago -- and keeping homegrown talent home -- has gotten easier lately, according to Jenkins, thanks to increased investments from large companies and startups alike. Gabe McDonald, branch manager in the IT division of Chicago-based recruiting firm Addison Group, says the problem has been compounded by companies finally kicking off technology projects that were mothballed during the economic downturn. Jonathan Ozeran, VP of product at mobile health startup Zest Health, agrees the Chicagoland hiring picture is competitive. Increasing IT Agility and Speed To Drive Business GrowthLearn about the steps you'll need to take to transform your IT operation and culture into an agile organization that supports business-driving initiatives.
A business consortium is pledging to hire 100,000 workers between the ages of 16 and 24 who aren’t employed and aren’t in school. The 30 hiring companies include hotel chains, an airline, fast-food restaurant chains, department stores, and many more.

The Chicago youth unemployment rate is 27.6 percent, according to a report from the Chicago Community Jobs Plan. The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, which aims to expand the program to offer jobs to its target hirees nationwide, has links on its website for both companies and youths to sign up. Giving jobs to 4,400 unemployed youths who aren’t in school, including some with minor criminal records, won’t solve all of Chicago’s gun violence or unemployment problems. Recruiters and hiring managers in Chicago share creative strategies to attract and retain top talent. At least 90% of kCura's campus hiring takes places within a three-hour drive of Chicago, which includes a wealth of universities. The firm's current and future hiring plans essentially read like a list of negative-unemployment job categories: mobile development, data science, software engineering, and so forth. We've profiled other companies in the Midwest facing talent challenges; Chicago isn't alone. Its founding members are private-sector companies, funders, and youth-focused organizations.

About 4,400 Chicagoans ages 16-24 were expected to converge for the first in a national rollout.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has pledged to bring down the violence rate with a series of anti-violence initiatives, in part “based on a 2013 University of Chicago study that found that jobs, therapy, and mentoring yielded significant reductions in youth violence,” according to the Sun-Times story. Plenty of tech and Internet firms call the Chicago area home, though, from Groupon to Hostway to CDW, not to mention Fortune 500 concerns like McDonalds, Allstate, and Walgreens.
Its first event is in Chicago, whose many segregated neighborhoods are plagued with high unemployment as well as violence. This map from the Chicago Tribune shows the preponderance of shootings in Chicago neighborhoods.

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