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Most demanding careers practically guarantee stress, but if you're feeling completely exhausted, unable to concentrate, or as though you're neglecting your own well-being, you may be suffering from burnout. When considering your next job, you'll want to concentrate on two things: a comfortable schedule and control. Chances are you have a daily routine, and that's in part because you're unmotivated to do a whole lot beyond what you're used to doing every day when you're burnt out. Getting on a better diet will take a little more willpower, as you'll have to forgo a lot of the unhealthy foods you've used to eke out a little bit of joy in your burnt out life. When you're truly burnt out, there's very little you'll do that isn't necessary for survival. Not only can they provide a useful outside opinion, but they can often offer examples of why they believe you are burnt out.
If for whatever reason there is no way for you to cut off the source of burnout entirely, you need to get as much help as possible to lighten your load. It can be particularly difficult to overcome unhealthy behavior because the symptoms of burnout encourages you to overlook your own needs.
Burnout's primary symptom is long-term exhaustion, so you need to improve the quality of your sleep if you want things to get better.

When you're having trouble seeing the problem yourself, these examples can help you realize it's really there. When I was burnt out because of a previous job, I found that I rarely had the ability to concentrate on much else. For many people, burnout originates from too many hours on the job and too little time for oneself. Ask your friends and family to assist where they can so you have more personal time to figure out a long-term solution to your problem.
When you have absolutely no emotional desire to exercise and eat better, the best thing you can do is as little as possible.
I found technology to be helpful when diagnosing my sleep problems and figuring out a better routine.
You not only lose interest in the work that burnt you out in the first place, but in nearly everything else that you do. Even when someone was talking to me, I'd often be thinking about problems at my job or worrying about work I needed to finish.
If your source of burnout is job-related, figure out what the problem is and do everything you can to change it.

It's easy to say no to 30 minutes of exercise that requires a gym, but it's much harder to procrastinate when your daily exercise only takes five to 15 minutes and you can do it at home. Seeing yourself achieve these goals over time will help you know that progress is being made even when it feels like nothing is happening at all. Often times change is the necessary catalyst to make you feel like things are going to get better.
If you move into a job that provides more responsibility, it'll help you feel like things are getting back on track. We've previously outlined many ways you can get a complete workout with nothing but your body, so just pick a few exercises you like and do them for a short amount of time during the day.
Jobs aren't the only source of burnout, however, but how you find that source is generally the same. This also means that you don't want to rule out jobs you wouldn't have considered previously.

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