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The Infatuation was just a side project until April 2014, when Steinthal and Stang quit their jobs after more than a decade in the music industry.
They've since built an app for iOS and Android, raised a $1 million seed round, recruited an army of writers, and expanded their review coverage from New York to San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver.
They had met on the set of TRL, when they were both attending a conference for music directors at college radio stations. Angry protesters ripped the shirts off Air France executives on Monday after the company revealed plans to cut thousands of jobs during a meeting near Paris.
Xavier Broseta, executive VP of human resources, and Pierre Plissonnier, an Air France director for human resources, both fled the protestors with the help of security staff after being left with ripped shirts. Jobs, the new film based upon the life of Steve Jobs, has been one the year’s most hotly anticipated debuts.
The film covers a time span in Steve Jobs’ life from the early 1970s through the introduction of the iPod in 2001. The fan experience was also a factor in creating an online venue for bringing the Jobs soundtrack to market. For the company, it’s also an opportunity to keep more of their income, which they share with artists and songwriters via royalties. Ravi Saligram, formerly CEO of OfficeMax, at the desk in his home office in Naperville, Ill., last month.

Kim Van Der Zon, a senior partner with executive search firm Egon Zehnder International Inc., says corporate boards tend to be forgiving toward executives pushed out during a merger. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.
It helps employees avoid the mid-career plateau that can stymie technical people’s advancement, and it helps Rackspace avoid losing experienced people to attrition.“This has been a huge boost for some of our very top technical talent,” Lindberg says.
As Five Star Feature Films Music Executive Mason Cooper explains, the vision for the movie’s soundtrack was not only to be true to the period but to become a part the film. Without an executive assistant for the first time in more than a decade, his hours are suddenly his own. We tried to choose songs that really filled the spirit of what Steve Jobs would have been going through at those times. Former CEOs get plenty of help when they're looking for new work, from face time with recruiters and high-priced career coaching to advice from fellow executives, who are often just a phone call away. But interviews with chief executives and recruiters indicate that, in many ways, the miseries of everyone's job hunt are theirs, too: They spend hours online researching potential employers and searching for leads, or carefully striking the right tone in emails to contacts and former colleagues. They also play a waiting game that some recruiters and executive coaches say has gotten longer and more intense as companies cast a wider, international net for talent and seek chiefs with highly specific skill sets. The TCT program gives top technical personnel the opportunity to rise to executive-level leadership positions within the company, without having to manage people or give up their technical work.

TCT people take part in strategic company decisions and are paid at rates equivalent to senior management staff.“The people in the program have the same status within the company as the equivalent executive ranks.
The deadline for negotiations was September 30, and the stand-off forced the company to present its own plan, the spokeswoman said.
When the TCT program became an option for me, I immediately gravitated toward it,” says Otto, who was a serial entrepreneur before joining Rackspace in 2007.Otto and colleague Aaron Sullivan are two of the four Rackspace employees who’ve reached the distinguished rank in the TCT program. The rule of thumb is to make available between one-third and one-half of their time for TCT activities.“By freeing up some of their time to explicitly deal with Rackspace-level priorities instead of just team-level priorities, we give them the opportunity to work on things that are important but not always urgent,” Lindberg says. She has served for two years on the governing board for POWER (Professional Organization of Women Empowered at Rackspace), Rackspace’s internal employee resource group dedicated to empowering women in technology.“I’m really fortunate that we have the TCT program.
Over time the program has become more formalized and developed – but it took some internal reorganization to get to that point, he says.Formalizing the program has allowed Rackspace to better engage with its entire technical population, not just the folks at the top. It’s not just a way of giving an award to an employee for being a great engineer,” Otto says.At the same time, “Rackspace has made a deliberate effort not to have confusion between executives and TCT members.

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