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When you’re looking at moving to another city, one of the things you typically put high on your checklist is the job market. While Baltimore might not spring to mind as a classic tech hub, Colin Yasukochi, CBRE’s director of research and analysis, emphasizes that not all tech jobs are at tech companies. Make all the wisecracks you want about the Motor City, but Detroit’s deep pool of tech talent is nothing to laugh at. Post TagsBaltimore MD Charlotte NC Columbus OH Detroit MI Hartford CT Kansas City MO Milwaukee WI Minneapolis-St.

This city is home to several celebrities and athletes such as: Lance Armstrong, Walter Crokite, and Ethan Hawke. There are many attractions in this area including: Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, and Cocoa Beach.
According to his analysis, more than 16 percent of the Silicon Valley workforce holds down one of 19 types of tech jobs, such as software developer and electrical engineer. There are numerous third party options that will help you secure jobs you otherwise would have never heard of.

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Whether you are a sports enthusiast or love shopping the big city is a short driving distance away.

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