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That's why Think Beyond the Label is partnering with Brazen Careerist for an Online Career Fair for people with disabilities on Oct. For deaf people whose native language is American Sign Language, an online career fair lets them share their skills and experience over chat, a popular (and natural) way for many deaf people to communicate with other deaf, as well as hearing, people.
Employees who know how to deal with the challenges of a disability can offer unique perspectives and skills (such as creative problem-solving), which can drive innovation for business. Virtual recruiting solves many of the problems people with disabilities face when job hunting and, if done right, can be a superior experience for both candidates and recruiters.

An online career fair gives you a chance to impress the recruiter with your technical skills and show how easy it will be for you to integrate into the workplace. With the rise of online recruiting, deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals can strut their stuff without having to ask the recruiter to talk louder, repeat the question or initiate a call through video conferencing (where, in certain situations, the Internet bit rate might not be high enough for the candidate to lip-read the interviewer's questions.). These skills can translate to things like product development, creating new markets for existing products and services and contributing to employee morale, customer satisfaction and a company's reputation. Appropriate HTML headings for navigation, forms with real HTML labels, good document flow, and more.

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