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ESPN FC's Craig Burley is fed up with Jose Mourinho and believes Chelsea need to follow Liverpool's example in sacking their manager. In the same summer as Moyes' appointment, Mourinho returned to Chelsea having been linked with the position at their Premier League rivals. On whether Ferguson could have tempted him, Mourinho said: "Every manager in the world looks at Man United as a huge club but I wanted to come to Chelsea and we didn't bring that to the table because we were so open and he knows so much about myself.

The city of Burley has a lot to offer as Fabri-kal's new home with low utility and tax rates, easy transportation routes, and natural resources which they use in some of their products.
I don’t remember my starting salary but our wages were delivered in a brown packet with a corner exposed, so you could count the notes before opening the envelope. I didn’t open it, I took it home and gave it to my mum so she could buy a new frock.

We’re both complete animal lovers and sitting in an open-sided truck observing the Big Five at close quarters is life-affirming.

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