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Internships, occasional job training, rarely a full-time job – that is what big German companies offer refugees looking for work. During her visit to India, German Chancellor Merkel and India's PM Modi have concluded many deals in the fields of training and renewable energy. Criticism over how the University of Missouri handled a series of racist incidents on campus this fall has claimed the jobs of two top officials: President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R.
Therefore, it has decided to simply open up already existing training programs to refugees. But the response has been positive, according to the companies, and individual training contracts have already been signed.

This summer, the state reversed course, easing its strict math, science, and social-studies requirements to free up class time for job training.Texas legislators want to create a more flexible system that helps students who aren't headed to four-year colleges enter the workforce. The plan is that young people can earn their high school diplomas while participating in a paid internship, after which they can enter into a job training program. Daimler, for instance, is training refugees in four factories where they have taken on Syrians and Iraqis with work permits in their machining and tooling facilities. State legislatures nationwide are enacting laws to promote career and technical education and workforce training in high school.But that approach carries risks. So, it's a win for us."The city says the GO Green Training Program is a competitive one, and they are looking for just the right type of people.

That rule stipulates that anyone who undergoes three years of training cannot be deported – and also has the right to work for at least two more years after that training has been completed.

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