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Jennifer Ewing and her husband, Florian Thiel, moved to Seattle from New York City with their children Max, left, 3, and Felix, 8-months, expecting to find reasonable housing costs. College graduates and younger families have been clustering in coastal cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, where incomes are generally ample and middle-class jobs plentiful. Young adults continue to stream into many of the top job-generating areas despite the daunting housing costs. But at the same time, government figures show that Fort Wayne has roughly the same number of jobs now as before the recession began in 2007, meaning that bargain-priced homes haven’t fueled a surge of job-seekers.

When Jen Ewing left New York City two years ago, she figured housing would be reasonable in Seattle, where her husband had taken a job as a manager with Expedia.
Seattle real estate broker Tyler McKenzie expects the squeeze to tighten as companies in high-priced markets add jobs, saying Amazon’s expansion is adding thousands of jobs to the city.
Ocean's Support Services are about listening, offering advice, improving your chances and then pointing you in the right direction to getting a new job. And areas with the most affordable homes lack a solid base of middle-class jobs that attract workers.

The additional population would help spur further job growth, which, in turn, would strengthen the local economy and foster more middle-class jobs. Applying for jobs usually means writing a 'CV' which is a document describing your work experience to date as well as your education, skills and interests.

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