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Because their populations are so close, we can put total employment in Birmingham-Hoover and Salt Lake City on one graph. The city of Ogden ranked just below its Utah County counterpart with advanced industries employing 26,530 full-time workers in 2013. Andes also noted that although Provo ranked highest among Utah cities in the study, Salt Lake City boasted the most advanced industries diversity among the ranked cities from the Beehive state.
A Heber City man fired several shots at his wife last week in an attempt to kill her and in the process struck a neighbor's home where a woman and 6-year-old girl were inside, according to charges filed Monday.
Average Eeg Tech salaries for job postings in Salt Lake City, UT are 11% lower than average Eeg Tech salaries for job postings nationwide. Salt Lake City is an epicenter for urban opportunity, business growth, entrepreneurial development and affordable living. Salt Lake City has more to offer than its budding tech industry, mountainous terrain, crisp-white snow, the Sundance Film Festival, the white plains of Bonneville Salt Flats, the world's first KFC, and "fry sauce." It also owns an emerging Latino market that benefits from the local and statewide resources.

According to the Census, 4.1 percent of Salt Lake City's businesses are Hispanic-owned firms.
Salt Lake City has an up-and-coming economy filled with dedicated Latino workers and spenders. When it comes to home ownership, Salt Lake City has been named one of the Top 10 major metro areas for Hispanics, ranking above Seattle, Indianapolis and Milwaukee. Those jobs paid an average of $60,580 per year compared to $40,180 for all other industries.
While out-of-date Census information can't confirm entrepreneurial growth in the area, countless Latino-owned businesses have sprouted up in Salt Lake City, often endorsed by pillar organizations such as the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which often hosts workshops and events to stimulate business development and commercial growth. Those jobs paid on average nearly $71,000 annually, compared to an average of just under $40,000 for all other industries in the metro area. The city continues to see tremendous Hispanic growth; they're the biggest and fastest growing ethnic group in the state of Utah, said the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

To demonstrate that, here's a pair of pie charts displaying the composition of employment in each area into three sections: goods-producing jobs, high-pay service jobs, and low-pay service jobs.
Latinos contribute to the growth of minorities in the state, particularly in Salt Lake County. The similarities are striking.View full sizeDespite Salt Lake City's total employment figure being much larger, both it and Birmingham-Hoover have strikingly similar economies in terms of job type.

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