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The worst of the lot is Albuquerque, which has nearly 10,000 fewer total jobs in 2013 than it did in 2009 and only 398 more temp jobs. Temp employment passed its pre-recession peak in 2013 and is projected to exceed three million jobs in 2017.The recession now looks like a mere hiccup for the temp industry. Just over 50% of all manufacturing jobs are in production occupations such as machinists—which happens to be the top occupation in our list for Orlando, Seattle, and Riverside.The health care and tech sectors are two other hotspot for solid-paying temp jobs. 1 in terms of temp job growth dwarfing total job change: the Central Valley metro has added 1,604 jobs in temp help, and just 40 jobs total. We can tie these jobs to occupations via staffing patterns, but the way data is classified, these jobs are being classified in the temp industry, not to manufacturing or construction, etc.

And in some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, the temp recovery (and subsequent explosion of jobs) has been even more remarkable than the national rebound.From 2013 to 2018, 18 of the nation’s 50 most populous metropolitan areas are expected to exceed the national growth rate of 20% for temporary help services.
It’s projected to see a 26% drop in temporary help services—a loss of more than 5,000 jobs—from 2013 to 2018.
There might be some limitations to the data because we’re looking at temp jobs specifically. Leading the charge is Raleigh, North Carolina, where temp jobs are projected to skyrocket 43% over that time.Kansas City (33%), Indianapolis (32%), Memphis (30%), and Orlando (30%) are also projected to far eclipse national trends. Nationally, health care practitioners account for 5% of all temp jobs.As for the tech industry, notice the computer occupations scattered among the top three in these metros.

The top performers are at the bottom since we’ve ranked the metros by the highest share of new jobs in temp help.

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