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You can be a construction electrician, one who installs electrical systems in buildings, homes and factories while they are still under construction. Apprentices learn the mathematics, engineering know-how, electrical safety and first aid needed for the job. Similar to an apprenticeship program, you may also work as an assistant to an electrician and supplement the practical experience with mail-order course work. The Department of Labor projects electrician jobs will increase by 20-35 percent in the next seven years. In the classroom, apprentices learn blueprint reading, electrical theory, electronics, mathematics, electrical code requirements, and safety and first aid practices. Within a few years of becoming a journeyperson, some tradespeople can expect to double their starting wage or salary and, with overtime pay, some even earn 6-figure salaries. Take a peek at a few examples of starting salaries and hourly wages for some skilled trade positions, some of which you can apply to right here on! The ETA grant funds the Healthcare Biomanufacturing Occupational and Technology Training program and enables employers to hire, train and retain qualified employees in permanent positions in health care, bioscience, manufacturing and technology occupations.
The training, offered tuition free by the nonprofit BioTechnical Institute of Maryland, is designed to prepare unemployed and under-employed Maryland residents – like Deric – for good jobs in the rapidly expanding biotechnology industry. Eager to provide in-house training, Bento Box found a willing and flexible partner in the Atlanta Regional Commission to help them develop a customized on-the-job training program, which is supported by Workforce Investment Act funds.
Despite leaving high school early, Holley Stafford of Cardova, Tennessee was determined to get her GED and knew she would need some help along the way. Each year nearly 30,000 students attend San Jacinto College campuses in suburban Houston, and thanks to close collaboration with the local workforce system and an injection of funding from Department of Labor, local refineries are tapping into this talent pipeline to meet their growing workforce needs.
Thanks to a $4.7 million High-Growth and Emerging Industries grant in 2010, "San Jac" was able to train nearly 900 students like Jacob for careers in growing areas like system and refinery operators and industrial, instrumentation and automation technology.
Even while he was working long hours as a grocery stock clerk, Richard James was determined to find a rewarding career in the electrical trades where he could "work with my hands," just as an uncle had done.
Apprentices learn to repair and maintain ships, earn industry recognized certificates, and complete leadership and supervision training through Southwestern College. Raised in the Los Angeles foster care system until she was a teen, LeDaya Epps bounced around between jobs for a number of years as a medical assistant, but couldn't find the stable work and pay that she needed to provide for her three children. You can be a maintenance electrician, one who works in factories or in residences to ensure that the electrical system is working safely and well. In all cases you’ll be working with blueprints, electrical measuring devices like ohmmeters, insulated electrical wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, transformers and other components. At the end of either course of learning, to become a licensed electrician apprentices must take a licensing exam that tests their knowledge of federal and state safety codes and procedures along with knowledge of the electrician’s craft. Being an electrician is a versatile job that’s required in every part of the country. They also may receive specialized training in welding, communications, fire alarm systems, and cranes and elevators.
Bryant made his dream a reality with help from CareerSource North Central Florida and its H1-B Technical Skills Training grant from the Employment and Training Administration.

After a career skills assessment, Bryant was hired as a software engineer by SharpSpring, a startup company that provides small businesses with software to generate and track sales leads. Despite having a GED and a Microsoft Office certificate, he knew he needed more training and a more sustainable career path. Deric described the training as rapid teaching, saying that he started feeling a lot more confident from day 1.
Enter Aaron: As one of the first to enter the training program two years ago, he moved up in the company's ranks and is now a managing director at Bento Box, overseeing the work of 35-40 animators and designers. The company anticipates that their training program will help double their workforce over the next year (currently around 125 employees). Prior to joining the program, Jacob had already completed college but ended up with substantial student loans and needed a career that could help him pay off that debt. With help from his local American Job Center, James found his opportunity through the Building Futures Pre-Apprenticeship Program funded through the department's Green Jobs Innovation Fund. When the savings ran out, Lee turned to his American Job Center for help finding a training program to get credentials for a high-demand occupation. Through the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program — funded under the Workforce Investment Act — about a dozen Jigsaw employees participated in "incumbent worker training," using laptops and other mobile devices to instantly transmit information from the field to the office and back to the customer in minutes. That's when the company's president, Ben Bassi, turned to an On-the-Job-Training Program funded by a National Emergency Grant from the Employment and Training Administration.
Within three months, Frazier found Blair a position with the Jacksonville Transit Authority as a bus driver. Since apprenticeships are the original on-the-job training, participants earn a starting wage of almost $16 an hour with the opportunity to be promoted every six months. Clark said she is now focused "on a career and getting paid" as an apprentice in the electric power and utilities industry, which has a critical need for skilled workers. With help from staff at her local American Job Center, Ibey connected with the education and training program called Skills Through Apprenticeship Retraining. An apprenticeship lasts between three and five years and prepares you with the skills needed for the job. If you want to be an electrician, you’ll likely find jobs available after you get your license. On the job, under the supervision of experienced electricians, apprentices must demonstrate mastery of the electrician’s work. The older students and instructors in Job Corps, Midell said, "influenced me, told me to stay in school and stayed on my case." He completed his high school diploma and welding training at Job Corps and worked at various welding jobs in and around Ohio. Rick Carlson, the company's CEO and founder, has hired about a dozen employees through the training program.
At the Northwest Career Center at Mondawmin Mall — part of the American Job Center network – staff suggested that Deric take a look at a tuition free laboratory skills training program. The six-week building trades course work James received included orientation to green jobs technology, blueprint reading, construction math, flagging, wiring, and introduction to tools and materials.
With guidance from the Workforce Investment Act's dislocated worker program, Price enrolled in health care training paid for the by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

A forward-thinker, he realized early on that before joining the military he wanted to learn a trade that would serve him well in his post-military life.
Fischer, a Navy veteran, enrolled Brus in the Gold Card initiative, a joint effort of the department's Employment and Training Administration and the Veterans' Employment and Training Service.
Enriquez sought help from Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles Inc., a nonprofit group that promotes the employment of women in high-wage, high-skill labor markets.
I was fascinated with it – I knew I wanted to get into a labor union." Apprenticeships can be a springboard for women to get into the middle class, in both traditional and nontraditional careers. Clark met with staff at her American Job Center, who connected her with GreenWays – Jobs for the Future Initiative, funded by the department's Green Jobs Innovation Fund and by SkillUp Washington, a Seattle-based organization that supports workforce development training.
Ibey, who previously worked in the printing industry, enrolled in machinist training courses provided under a partnership between New Hampshire's River Valley Community College and Hypertherm Inc., a local manufacturer of metal cutting systems. Now 20 years old, Holley has completed the trade carpentry program, received her GED and works for the carpentry union receiving on-the-job training on a remodel project at a Kroger grocery store.
He also received job readiness training that included test preparation and interview training techniques. Enriquez earned multiple certifications and was accepted into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11, where she receives on-the-job training as a paid apprentice.
Clark also received pre-apprenticeship training in green construction and utilities through an Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women program. James passed his tests, received his certifications, and became a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
Crestron also was able to take advantage of a DOL-funded On-the-Job Training Program that covers up to half of the wages of new employees as they receive training.
With productivity on the rise and a need to hire new employees, Justice again turned to the American Job Center network to find qualified workers. After making the investment in training, many employers hire OJT participants to permanent positions. Gold Card holders receive increased access to personalized career guidance and counseling to assist in making training and career decisions.
She then applied for and received a Vocational Outside Line Training Academy scholarship allowing her to attend an additional training program this fall.
Ibey said "life is better" since she went through the training program and that she "looks forward to coming back" for even more education in her new career field.
Shortly thereafter, Wicklander's revamped resume came to the attention of a large bottling company that offered her training to become a supervisor, and she accepted.

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