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While Republicans ritually condemn Obama’s big-government policies, Virginia conservatives exhibit a bit of cognitive dissonance by relying on federal largess to generate jobs, particularly in the burgeoning defense and intelligence sectors in Northern Virginia. In any event, Robyn and others say Virginia needs to tune up its economic-development model to promote lower taxes and fewer regulations. By employing strict return-on-investment benchmarks and clawback provisions, Virginia hasn’t suffered any Solyndra-style debacles. Surpassing even California in terms of federal receipts for military and intelligence-related activities, Virginia is vulnerable to the coming bipartisan cuts, he says.
Of Virginia’s 129,700 net new jobs since 2010, only 14 percent are government positions, Bolling’s office said.

Sign-up for our Virginia Bureau email list to receive the latest news and in-depth coverage. Specifically, Virginia is projected to not fill its need for nurses through 2015, lacking 28% of the nursing workforce needed. Jobs could be lost elsewhere — in effect, you may just be pushing jobs around,” he said. 1 income producer, and Roberts doubts the Jefferson report signals any sort of sea change in Virginia’s economic prospects.
The next lowest rate is 7.4 percent in Alabama, which aggressively doles out tax breaks to new companies — something that Virginia does not do.

He reported and edited at the San Jose Mercury News and the Las Vegas Sun before joining in 2012 as Virginia Bureau Chief.
The field of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses is expected to grow by 21% until 2018, adding 155,600 new jobs in the next several years. The market for registered nurses is expected to grow by 22% until 2018, adding 581,500 new jobs in the next several years.

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