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This list is intended for use as a guide only and is not a guarantee of employment or that a company is hiring.
Salvation Army: The Salvation Army runs a prisoner rehabilitation program that encourages former felons to participate in work-release programs, conducted by the Salvation Army rehabilitation centers and Harbor Light Centers. Private Firms Interested in WOTC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit that is offered to an employer in case he hires an individual convicted of a felony, within a year of conviction or release. A number of private and public resource centers enable felons to get the required training and licenses to start a business and make a humble, but rejuvenating start. Ebay seller, Walmart, McDonald’s, any type of fast food-related job, kitchen help in a restaurant, apprentice for a job such as an electrician or masonry, janitor, maintenance, security guard, Kroger, grocery stores, Conway Trucking, trucking companies, pizza delivery, greenhouse worker, warehouse jobs, UPS, landscaping, construction, building, roofing, day laborer, work-at-home telemarketer, modeling, acting, nonprofit worker, church jobs, factory jobs, — even in management eventually, temp agencies, recycling waste center, trash pickup and trash center, bounty hunter, bakery, food prep and counter work at a deli, courier, apprentice in carpentry, Goodwill, Salvation Army, start your own business– making something, selling something, providing a service.

Get help from friends, relatives, and members of your community to help you get leads for open jobs. Please contact the company before going to confirm if they are accepting applications or will be hiring. They are considered for delivery jobs like flower delivery, at moderate salaries and a possibility of salary negotiations.
I've been a truck driver for 10 years and I know their are plenty of trucking companies willing 2 hire felons! Even though the job keeps a felon consistently on the move, the salaries offer stability and job satisfaction.

The latter does not conduct a background check for convictions and felonies, since there is no need for direct contact between the market research firm and the person taking the survey. The number of army recruits with a felony record was 511 in 2007, while the number of marine recruits with felony convictions was 350. Hence, a career in the armed forces is a distinct possibility for a person who has been convicted of a felony in the past.

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