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Social WorkerSocial workers identify people who need help, assist with resource distribution, respond to crisis situations and advocate for victims. Pretrial Services OfficerPretrial services officers work with criminal offenders who have been charged but not tried in a court of law.
Correction Treatment SpecialistCorrectional treatment specialists, sometimes known as case managers or correctional counselors, work with released prisoners who are no longer on parole. Those who work in security frequently praise the occupation's flexible hours (lots of night and 12-hour shifts result in more days off) and recommend it for people who don't mind working alone. The approximately 530,000 medical assistants employed in doctors' offices and larger medical organizations must do a mix of traditional office operations work and hands-on medical tasks.

A social worker provides counseling, support and assistance to individuals, families, and groups for social and personal challenges and issues.
A bachelor's degree in social work and law enforcement will prepare you to protect society while helping people cope with their problems, such as mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse and juvenile delinquency. We provide the latest news, information and resources to find work, succeed in your career and adapt to Canadian life. A social worker provides resources, determines plans and programs, and refers to professionals to resolve client needs.
Social workers might remove a child from an abusive situation, help someone apply for food stamps, counsel individuals with addiction problems or assist victims of a natural disaster.

But most of the 242,900 professionals working in the field currently aren't coaching on that level, nor are they earning that type of pay. Despite the high stress, social workers report to Glassdoor that they like working with people, and get a thrill out of positively impacting the lives of others. The BLS reports that a social worker's median salary was $40,680 in 2011, just shy of the national average wage.

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