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Average Administrative Assistant salaries for job postings in Pittsburgh, PA are 14% lower than average Administrative Assistant salaries for job postings nationwide. Although the overall rate of job growth in the Pittsburgh Region was much slower than in the U.S. Frequently, people see statistics on the Pittsburgh Region’s economy that seem to paint a bleak picture. Between 1999 and 2005, jobs in the Pittsburgh Region (the Metropolitan Statistical Area) grew by less than 1%, whereas jobs nationwide grew by 3.5%.
Job growth in the Pittsburgh Region in 2005 was slower than most comparable regions – only Cleveland and Detroit did worse. But a closer look shows that there are two simple reasons why the Pittsburgh Region’s overall job growth looks so bad compared to the U.S.

In the rest of the economy, the Pittsburgh Region’s job growth is on par with the nation and most regions, and there are sectors where there is significant growth in high-wage jobs.
Detroit, Richmond, Boston, and Silicon Valley lost 25% or more of their production jobs during the same period of time. The analyses above show that job growth in most of the Pittsburgh Region’s economy has matched the U.S. The different strengths of the different counties gives the Pittsburgh Region a more balanced economic portfolio than any one county would have on its own. The analysis of where jobs are being created is based on the 10-county Pittsburgh Region, which includes Greene, Indiana, and Lawrence Counties in addition to the 7 counties in the MSA.
The concentration of education and research jobs in Pittsburgh has fostered strong job growth in these high-wage sectors, helping mitigate the impacts of the recession on the entire region.

Over 200,000 people who live in the ten-county Pittsburgh Region cross county lines every day to go to work. And the region’s unique combination of urban and rural amenities across all ten counties not only creates tourism jobs, but also helps attracts new residents.

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