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I will have over thirty years experience in this state when I retire in several years and will never reach the starting salary in much of north Texas.
Three out of the five starting spots on the Oklahoma City Thunder are no brainers — Russell Westbrook at the point, Kevin Durant at the three, and Serge Ibaka at the four.
Billy Donovan was asked what he’s looking for in a starting 2-guard and he might’ve, possibly, maybe showed his hand a bit. My starting salary in OK was almost 24,000 less than I was making in MI with a Masters degree--if I had not been able to draw Social Security and my MI retirement at that time, I would never have considered teaching in OK.
We contend that Oklahoma teachers are full-time annual employees of their school district who work far more than the hours in your math.

Fred Hoiberg had planned to make a change to the Bulls’ starting lineup on Monday — Joakim Noah was going to start in place of Nikola Mirotic. In fact, a recent Dallas Morning News report details how starting teacher pay in a north Texas school district like Denton has reached $50,000. The first three months of school, I work seven days a week, putting in at least six hours each on Saturday and Sunday.
Teachers work far more than 1080 hours of which they are contracted and are among the lowest paid in the nation. That lack of offense is why he played fewer than 20 minutes a night despite starting, but it’s something he reportedly worked on this summer.

Meanwhile, minimum starting teacher pay in Oklahoma is $31,600 (the equivalent of a full-time job paying $15 per hour) and it hasn’t increased since the 2007-08 school year, which means Oklahoma’s already low pay isn’t even keeping pace with inflation.The fact Denton, Texas can pay its teachers $50,000 a year but no southern Oklahoma school district has the resources to do so should be cause for alarm. With 33 years experience total but only paid for 5years experience out-of-state, we make more from our Texas retirement than we do for our current jobs with Putnam City and Moore public schools. I'd bet my additional hours are less than they should be for many teachers, especially, elementary teachers who spend hours making bulletin boards, learning centers, etcetera.

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