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Average Broadcasting Television Video Technician salaries for job postings in Tenafly, NJ are 36% higher than average Broadcasting Television Video Technician salaries for job postings nationwide. College graduates are still spending more and more years (and money) to get worse and worse entry-level jobs.
After all, the underemployment category includes jobs as diverse as cashiers ($25,000 a year) and dental hygienists (more than $45,000). It is, rather, a lack of good jobs, a dearth of raises, and a shortage of opportunities for this historically educated generation to put its historic number of degrees to work.
They are spending more time in school, working more part-time jobs, and have graduated into a historic downturn.

After creating mostly low-paying service jobs for the first few years of the recovery, the labor market is finally churning out more high-skill jobs. It's conducted entirely by the BLS and state agencies and asks companies how many new workers they hired or fired each month.When you hear the economy created 185,000 jobs in a month, that's the BLS. Underemployment (the share of college grads in jobs that historically don’t require a college degree) is high.
According to the Econ 101 model of the world, increasing the minimum wage should cost some people their jobs.
And when workers leave, say for the Taco Bell across the freeway, they often take jobs that would otherwise be filled by the unemployed, which is less than ideal for the economy.When the minimum wage goes up, the theory says, businesses shape up.

Turnover slows down, since people are happier with their paychecks, and the unemployed snap up jobs elsewhere in town.

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