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New York City's public school teachers are preparing over a million students across the city for success in college and careers. Teach NYCIf you are new to teaching in New York City, a substitute teacher searching for a full-time teaching appointment, or a former New York City teacher hoping to return to the New York City Department of Education, visit TeachNYC.Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Opportunities in New York CityEarly childhood educators are putting their talents to work in public school and community-based early childhood centers across the city. The Open Market Hiring System (OMT) is open annual from April through August for use by current teachers and other employees in eligible UFT-titles in active service or on an approved leave who are seeking transfer to a different school.
For people who are passionate about urban education, Syracuse offers a unique mix: the rewards of teaching a diverse population with the high standard of living of a smaller city.
Turning around a struggling school means painting a new picture of what’s possible, for teachers, students and parents.

Meet with representatives of the district to present a school entry plan, based on pre-work, and conduct a mock post–classroom observation conference (up to 4 hours).
Today, you’ll hear 70 languages spoken in our schools, from Spanish and Somali to Arabic and Burmese.
We need teachers who thrive on urban education, leaders who can rally schools that are facing big challenges, central administrators who have the vision and determination to chart a new course, and support team members who are the best at what they do. When measured against rigorous standards for college and career readiness, fewer than one in ten of our students are proficient in reading and math, and half are graduating high school on time.
Principals meet with the superintendent each month as a group, and welcome her to their schools every few weeks.

The challenge facing our principals is to galvanize schools around dramatic leaps in student achievement. Visit our site for more about our services, including recruitment fairs, workshops, announcements, new school vacancies, Teachers of Tomorrow, and access to Open Market. With direct access to SCSD decision-makers and close relationships with peers at similar schools, principals have the support of a team that is all in, tackling system-wide change.

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