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Description The Associate Content Editor is a dynamic position with the National Content Desk at Cox Media Group. An Editorial job at COX Media Group is one of the most diverse and rewarding careers you could have at our company. Hide Advanced Search COX Media Group Jobs > Information Technology Jobs > Atlanta Information Technology Jobs About Information Technology An Information Technology job at COX Media Group puts you at the core of our products and services.
In a media environment that’s continually adding new channels and devices, and with consumer expectations always increasing and becoming even more personalized, it’s up to our associates in Editorial to make sure that our customers’ message is targeted and gets delivered quickly.

It allows us to offer careers that position you for incredible growth and also ensures that we’re always on the cutting edge of delivering an engaging and effective media experience – regardless of platform.
You will have the latest digital newsgathering tools at your fingertips and your engaging stories and crafty headlines will drive millions of page views for the various radio, television and newspaper websites across Cox Media Group.
BI Developer must be a strong track record in the BI Systems area and must work with senior business leaders at Cox Media Group to design, develop and implement solutions that are practical and cost effective.
Has an eye for how headlines, text and photos play together to drive audience via social media.

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